Indie Reviews: Lunar Scarygirl Escapes Avernum

Oof... why did they release 2 RPGs during tax week? Between Avernum and Grimrock, I barely had enough time left over to give Scarygirl or Lunar Flight some attention. Despite the efforts of Steam and the U.S. Government, I've still managed to play 3 games enough to offer my thoughts on them. (Grimrock will have to wait a few days; I want to try finishing it before I post a review.) As usual, following links lead to the full reviews:

Scarygirl: (2/5 stars, $10) A rushed Xbox port with good graphics but clumsy controls. Unfortunately, interesting art style alone does not make a good game.

Lunar Flight: (2/5 stars, $10) Twice the hassle and a quarter of the scenery of your typical flight simulator. Crash a dozen times! Go into debt from replacing lunar modules! Wonder what twisted mind decided that only experienced pilots could buy upgrades to make flying it easier!

Avernum: Escape from the Pit: (5/5 stars, $10) A remake of a classic shareware RPG that combines turn-based grid combat (ala early Ultima) with an open world full of nooks & crannies to explore (ala Skyrim). As enthralling now as it was back then; an insane value for any old-school western RPG fan.

Which one do I want to keep playing? Avernum. Gonna play some more right now. Bye.

But you need to finish Grimrock! Yeah, yeah, I know... *sigh*