So Activision just saved me 60 bucks.

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Im not buying MW2 for PC, and if I do it will be several months after release when its cheaper. They cut dedicated server support and mods from the game so they could make it like a console game. Jeff is right it is a console port, but so was 4, and most could argue so was WAW and 2, but they both had server browsers. And yea, it still has that great multiplayer but half my time in call of duty games has been spent on mod servers. 
They have no reason to cut support like that, they are lazy, does anyone feel like their experience playing call of duty on a console has been hurt by PC players getting some special stuff? Because thats their excuse for making all versions equal. Robert Bowling better fucking explain himself... I hoped IW was better than this. I never thought consoles would make PC games worse, but they have.  
Developers feel the need to set the bar as low as possible and make it like a console game, when they could actually improve it and make a better game overall. But who am I kidding, developers aren't about making GOOD games anymore. 
And yea, sorry if this doesnt make any sense, im just pissed.