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Conflict: Desert Storm

Ah, Conflict: Desert Storm.  Don't be deceived by the review scores.  I've probably poured well over 100 hours into this game, and that's a lot, considering I wasn't even 10 when I played it.  I've played through the campaign several times, and I never got tired of it.  Every time my friend from down the street came over, we would play this game.  I've tried it a couple times with 4 players, but I think it loses some of it's enjoyability.  When you're playing with 1 friend, you each get an AI teammate to control, and you also have the option to switch between them on the fly.  The missions are surprisingly deep, and there are many ways to complete your objectives.  Half of the fun is planning out your attack, which is made even more fun by the variety of weapons and items that you are and your teammates have.  Each member of your squad has a special ability.  There's the all-around leader, a sniper, a heavy arms specialist, and a demo expert.  Players have to take up their role if they want to succeed.  The first level of this game will probably always stay with me, although I was player 1.  In this mission, the first player has to rescue his friend from a prison cell.  I'm not sure how good friends you'll be after this level. :\  I'm not exactly sure how well this game will hold up, but I know that it has some of the best cooperative play in any game.  Expect a review soon.


Did you buy any downloadable content this year?

I bought plenty of games off of Steam (mainly the weekend deals, which I usually find too hard to pass up), some titles off of XLBA (including Puzzle Quest, which I'm still playing through), and a couple of map-pack (which, due to the fact of me being so cheap, I waited until their prices dropped to free).


Steam Smorgasbord (Or not?)

With Steam's new Shopping Cart feature, consumers can buy two or more games at once, while only needing to enter payment information the first time through.  This doesn't benefit me much, as I usually only pick up a game or two when there's a good deal.  With the release of this feature, both Audiosurf and Eets were discounted to $2.49 from their regular $10 price tag.  Quite a discount for two great games if you ask me.  I decided to pick them both up.  However, after the transaction was complete, the games did not show in the "My Games" tab.  After a quick skim of the Steam forums, it seems that this update has brought quite a few problems to others as, well, leaving their recently purchased games in an unplayable state.  I've never had any problems with Steam in the past, and I hope that this issue is resolved swiftly.