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I was this close.

Today I went to Target after attempting to see Terminator Salvation. As we pulled up to the movie theater, I noticed a line that extended out the door. Immediately I turned around and left. Fuck that there was no way I was waiting through that memorial day mess of a crowd. So we went to the nearest Target and I casually walked up to the PS3 section and saw inFAMOUS in the glass case. I immediately call a clerk over to get it out so I could purchase it. I was so happy, I mean it was only a day early, but still a day is a day.

The man asked me if I think it will be good, I replied by saying "I've heard nothing but good things, and most of the reviews have been glowing, especially Giant Bomb's." He said "Oh cool I'm going to pick up a copy for myself, I've been looking forward to it, and Giant Bomb is a good site."

Not only was I impressed the guy knew about Giant Bomb, he was a fucking Target clerk who knew what he was talking about. In my area that's relatively rare. So he was ringing it up and said "What the hell, sorry bud I can't sell it to you until tomorrow. That sucks." I said "oh its okay thanks anyway." I left and found my girlfriend.

It's not that big of a deal, it was only a day early, but the fact that I was so close is what pissed me off. Oh well I guess I'll just swing around to Best Buy tomorrow, after graduation practice and buy it. Other than that I had a very nice Memorial Day.