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Oh Man!

Today i wrote 2 feature spreads for our art and culture weekly.  Ok, congrats on a normal day says you.  But wait!  Did i mention is was 27 degrees and our air con was busted?  The heat, oh yes now i know what it must be like to work for what sauna?  After about 2 hours i think i entered some sort of shamanic type trance that helped me achieve my ultimate state of creativity.  Either that or i just dozed off...  My efforts to included a greater amount of column inches to gaming culture proceed unabashed, if rather unscuccesfully.  Do office workers aged 35-50 really want a whole page of their daily paper devoted to the evolution of Mario and his effect on global youth culture an editor asks me.  "YES!" i say, trying as hard as i can to make myself believe it.


Gaming in the Summer

Tis' the season to play your backlog, as they say.  While the rich and beautiful celebrate the weather by competiting to wear as little clothes as possible we, the denziens of the Liquid Crystal and Tube displays, huddle around our glowing rectangles.  However, lately it has just been too damn hot, at least where i live, and i know Scotland  Yeah, damn hot!  Too hot for games even, i have spent the daylight hours of the last 4 days at the beach out of sheer necessity.

Now if only i could figure out how to pick up those hipster girls that hang around there...perhaps opening with some Street Figher trivia would work...