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Best of 2009

Moriveth: Best of 2009

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  • Such an amazing improvement over the first game. They took nearly every criticism from the first one and improved on it. Plus the main character isn't a complete dick. This gets top spot for how much it blew me away.

  • The fact that I played 24 hours of the multiplayer in the first week this game was out (and I am not someone who plays multiplayer often) really says something about this game's quality.

  • Well, it's more Halo, except you're not as tall and can't jump as high. But hey, you get to play with three other dudes and kill lots of Covenant, and I am totally down for that.

  • The idea of a diablo-like FPS where there are literally millions of guns makes me drool, and Borderlands delivered that.

  • Probably the best treatment of a band-based rhythm game I've ever played. Of course, it doesn't hurt that I love The Beatles, but man those dreamscapes were off the hook.

  • The absurd amounts of destruction (and the number of ways you could go about achieving said destruction) made this game highly enjoyable for me.

  • Man, I didn't think they'd ever make a good Batman game, but somehow they pulled it off. I still need to beat the last boss, though, but from what I played this is an A game.

  • As someone who rarely enjoys JRPGs, this game knocked me for a loop. I enjoyed pretty much every moment I spent with this game.

  • I haven't dedicated much time to this game, because it's such an epic old-school RPG and I don't have the time to dedicate to it, however, it is an amazing piece of work, especially the party banter.

  • This game was probably the most pleasant surprise for me this year. I rented it expecting a game with an idiotic but hilarious story and terrible gameplay, but instead I got a game with an idiotic but hilarious story but surprisingly decent gameplay.