i just leveled up in not wanting RPG elements in everything

here's a very short blog, with a video:

long story short, Sanctum is right between Monday Night Combat and Trenched. i feel like Trenched is impeccably balanced, however, and haven't spent enough time with MNC to really get a feel for it. then again, MNC is like Lead&Gold with turrets, and Lead&Gold feels a lot like a focused 3rd-person Team Fortress 2

what i'm trying to say is that every game is the same. not just from this small gaggle, but every single game you played is the same

these days games seem to be better with derivation. for instance, RPG elements help augment an experience in nearly every genre, and core RPG games may eventually die off once their philosophies are stripped from the genre and implemented in more modern, immediately gratifying ways. who doesn't like leveling up? the more overlap, the better-- i think. just so long as there's no stepping on toes, and a product doesn't get lost in its own ass when trying to wear too many hats

on the other hand, sometimes i just want my Rez or simple fucking Ridge Racer. if arcade games ever disappear, then i'm quitting this hobby. and in that regard, i also want my pure Final Fantasy and persona RPGs. this must be that bar you hit at a certain age when you decide that there were 'good old days'