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More of the same--but without the issues 0

 There were small things keeping God of War from being an entirely fluid experience, and yet it was still a blast to play. God of War II effectively eliminates these issues, and -- unless you've already had your fill of Square-Square-Triangle combos -- this title is one of the best overall action experiences you'll find. God of War never prided itself on the discipline and challenge that Devil My Cry and Ninja Gaiden present. Its focus is on making sure you don't have to work incredibly hard to...

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Play it for the episodes, not the game. 0

 24: The Game does correctly all the things that a die-hard 24 fan would care about. The presentation, as far as the camera angles, multi-paned tricks, and ridiculous-yet-entertaining twists and turns are all here in full force. The cast -- with the surprising exception of Kiefer Sutherland, who sounds like he rolled out of bed for his role -- delivers a convincing performance. Finally, writer Duppy Demetrius does a decent job at (sort of) tying Seasons 2 and 3 together. Meanwhile, those who wa...

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For old-school masochists. Others need not apply. 0

 Etrian Odyssey is not for everyone. In fact, Etrian Odyssey is probably for very few people. It's a decidedly niche title, and if you have either outgrown "old-school" role-playing mechanics or are expecting a cinematic experience on the level of today's Japanese role-playing adventures, this game will disappoint you. That said, Etrian Odyssey will very likely greatly satisfy anyone in its target market. The mapmaking tools are there for anyone who fondly recalls drawing their own maps for the...

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Half a package; half the challenge. 0

 Packing two old-school Final Fantasy titles -- one which only recently made it to North American shores -- into a single cart seems like a great value. For the most part, it is, if only for newer players to experience where their favorite Playstation Final Fantasies came from. The big obstacle here is that Final Fantasy has become a little too easy, and Final Fantasy II retains its design annoyances, to the point that only the completely curious or nostalgic will get a real kick out of this pac...

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It works... but not always. 0

 Let it never be said that developer Vicarious Visions lacks innovation and ambition: These folks have often tried to push the limit of portable hardware, first with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 on the Gameboy Advance and then in trying to craft a 60-frames-per-second 3D graphics engine for Spider Man 2 DS on the handheld's launch day. With the new guitar grip, Vicarious Visions has made the unthinkable happen. Guitar Hero: On Tour IS Guitar Hero on your DS. It's not some cut-down version where you...

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Interesting concepts marred by a few rough edges too many 0

Adventure games have long since been declared dead by critics and players alike, but those who hold onto the genre will quickly point out that Myst V, Syberia, Dreamfall and Indigo Prophecy are keeping things out of the grave and in intensive care. Trace Memory for the Nintendo DS, then, serves to give portable game players a taste of the pixel-hunting, story-driven and puzzle-solving gameplay style that is so rare these days. By virtue of the infrequency of such adventure games, Trace Memory su...

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At best Red Steel is a rental, if only for curiosity's sake. 0

The protagonist's hand tilts just as you tilt your hand in real space, holding your pistol with dat gangsta grip. Where you wave, your gun aims. You pull the B-button "trigger" on the Wii remote and gunfire erupts on-screen. It all seems so intuitive and natural. But then you try turn to defend yourself against someone coming from your left, and it happens so slowly that it's as if you're in a restrictive neck brace. You try to combat an enemy with your katana blade with graceful, weaving strike...

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