Finally got around to Dragon Age

Finally got around to getting around to Dragon Age, if you know what I'm sayin'. 
I've been playing off and on since November, but usually something like L4D2, playing through Mass Effect 1 so I could keep Wrex in ME2, finishing DoW2 (and then Chaos Rising) or, y'know, Altitude, or re-playing Space Hulk (yeah, I know.) got in the way. 
Finally got to Denerim, after lots and lots and lots of dialogue trees.  Really digging in now and loving every minute of it. 
I know some of the DLC thus far may have been construed as uneven, but I've more or less picked up everything they've dropped, including that feastday stuff, which, yeah, kinda breaks the approval system.  Once I realized I could drop about a soverign on gifts for party members and generally keep everyone in love with me, well, yeah.  But at least I was able to enjoy all th awkward sex cutscenes.  Oddly, I found the guy-on-guy with Zevran the least embarrassing.  Though, yeah, all of them are pretty bad.

Plus, Sten gets a rainbow sword that attracts butterflies.  

It's this kind of oddball easter egg stuff that I love about RPGs.  The Bovine Plate from that Hellfire expansion for Diablo.  The Sword of Adam in Torchlight.  The Codex of the In conceivable and the Grimoire of Pestilential thought from Planescape: Torment. 
So cool. 
Anyways. I hear tell that The Awakening is a lot more nose to the grindstone, less faffing around with party members. Stoked, anyways.  Though, I hear tell that the blood abilities you pick up in Soldier's Peak aren't active in The Awakening. If that's true: bummer.