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The Sims 1 review by M Bob, pro game reviewer 0

     The Sims So this is my review of The Sims for PC. Just to be clear, I've had some drink so please excuse me. Just to be awkward, I'm playing it on OSX. The Sims I mean. I hate Macs but I'm stuck on one. Don't ask. The expansion packs were really good although I stopped with Superstar which I thought jumped the shark. By this point it was also clear that EA were marketing the game more towards girls/women. Its annoying because when you look at the original, its not at all feminine, despite s...

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It is my love for the Megadrive that hinders my enjoyment of this 1

I love the Sega Megadrive. I even go as far to say its my favourite game console of all time. However, it is this love that hinders my enjoyment of the Ultimate Sega Megadrive Collection.Firstly- I'm British. Its the Megadrive. OK? Good.While I do not usually waste money on games I can get from- other methods- seeing the inclusion of some of my all time favourite games in this persuaded me to get this latest collection. While this is a excellent collection, it is bogged down by a series of incre...

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An amazing video game, but a terrible first game to review.... 1

Forgive me for the 5 star rating. Lets face it, if you're reading this, you've already seen those stars there, so you already know what to expect. Mindless praise. But hear me out- I really didn't want this.This is my first review and my first desire is to create the impresion of myself as a highly critical games reviewer who isn't easily impressed and always desires more. I want to be seen as a reviewer that aknowledges that is no such thing as 'perfection' and succesfully overcomes nostalgia.T...

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