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Simple Platformer With a Great Story 0

There’s no shortage of retro-styled indie platformers these days, so it often takes something a little extra to make one really stand out. In the case of Thomas Was Alone, the game uses a style that goes back all the way to the days of the first Atari where simple dots & blocks comprised the characters on the screen. The game has a simple conceit; get the characters to their exit doors. The controls are equally simple; Run left, run right, and jump. And the puzzle solutions are all rather si...

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Fast and Fun Top Down Shooter Action 0

There is a subset of gamers out there who long for the days when games were more mechanically simple, but didn’t let you off the hook if you were reckless or imprecise. And while there’s no denying that games have gotten easier, they have also improved when it comes to concepts and controls. Developer Avalanche Studios attempts to fuse these two eras of gaming with Renegade Ops, a mechanically simple game that has a wildly corny story, but integrates some obligatory modern game concepts such as ...

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