Favorite Games of 1991

Or rather, one favorite game and whatever else from '91 that was hanging around.

List items

  • I can’t back this up, but Super Mario World may be the first video game I ever owned. It was definitely the first console game I ever owned, bundled alongside a Super Nintendo that I received as a gift.

    With most games, such a statement should come with an examination of whether I’m reflecting with a mirror called nostalgia, but Super Mario World has such a pedigree that I can’t see many calling out my choice. Along the same thinking, I doubt I have to write any real justification for Super Mario World being my favorite game of 1991.

  • If I were handing out unique titles, Return of Samus would easily win “most needing of a Zero Mission-style remake.” True, compared to Super Metroid and the following sequels, Return of Samus feels a tad archaic. Simply adding a map would alleviate much needless wandering and frustration.

    I suppose players can draft their own maps, but I can’t imagine many going that route when they can simply turn off their Game Boy and play Super Metroid or Metroid Prime on Wii. Hell, that’s a better option than playing most games out there.

  • This simple game sees ol’ “eh, what’s up doc?” traversing through 2D levels of a building, taking keys to unlock doors and, eventually, reach the exit before being caught by a handful of baddies. I’ve little doubt that Crazy Castle 2 holds up particularly well, but I also doubt that it was a particularly good game in ‘91.