Best of 2011

2011 will be remembered as the year where gamer's wallets were lighter than ever. So many great games came out this year, and even though it's only November, I can already declare my top ten for this year. On this list, I have games with protagonists and stories that are unforgettable and gameplay that has yet to be challenged. The only thing that saddens me is that only two of the games on this list are not sequels. But I think I can finally say that sequels do not ruin a game's originality. If anything, it keeps you further into the worlds that you have already immersed yourself in.

Anyway, without further ado:

List items

  • This has become my favorite game since Half Life 2, and no one seems to understand why I cherish every second about this game. The graphics are excellent, the world is amazing, and the characters are fascinating. Adam Jensen, David Sarif, and Frank Pritchard will always have a place in my heart. Thank you, Eidos Montreal.

  • Even though this was only released in April, I feel like people have forgotten Portal 2 with all these games coming out. Old characters have come back with a zing, while the new characters we are introduced to are a blast. The co-op is fun as well. But seriously, Valve. Where's Half Life 2: Episode 3?

  • With Deus Ex, Driver, BF3, NFS:TR, and SR3 all on my mind, I felt like I was above something ignoring the hype and was figuring the game was going to be a disaster. Oh, could I not be anymore fucking wrong. The world is expansive and absolutely gorgeous. No matter what, you'll always have something to do and explore.

  • Ever since I went to my cousin's and played Driver all day, I have been a #1 fan of this franchise that has been torn apart by the Atari. Ubisoft let Reflections do their thing, and they finally got this masterpiece of racing games back together. The driving is a blast, and the new 70s cop-show meets X-files theme is hilarious.

  • While the singleplayer isn't exactly memorable, it wasn't a waste of time and it had it's exciting moments. This game has the best graphics of this year and pushes your PC to the limit. Multiplayer has you always on the run, and has your adrenaline pumping all the time. You are constantly on the clock biting your nails. Perfect.

  • Jeff didn't like this game. Fair enough, it's his opinion. However, I have fully enjoyed this game, enjoy the adrenaline and just relieved Black Box finally gone back to a game where the driving is fun and the story isn't bullshit. Also, Frostbite 2 makes this game a sight to see. It's definitely a joyride.

  • I didn't like Saint's Row 1 and 2. It was stupid gangster bullshit no one cared about. Finally, THQ got their shit together and built a game that is just about pure fucking crazy shit happening all the damn time. The story is actually worth watching, and the customization is once again bar-none.

  • This game would have been higher on this list if it weren't for the lack of replayabilty, and the really fucking terrible ending. No seriously, Rockstar. Stop killing off the main protagonist if you can't think of something good. Also, you replicated 50s Los Angeles perfectly to the final polygon. Y U NO USE IT BETTER?

  • A surprise for everyone on my friends list. What looked like a partially-built Source-engine mod turned out be one of the better games that came out this year. The story is a bit tough to wrap around, but the gameplay is very dynamic and challenging. The art style is also quite refreshing. Just needs a few tweaks.

  • I didn't finish this game as it was my friend from Norway's copy, but it was certainly a great game every second I had played it. You really are Batman, and the graphics and the atmosphere make this game a perfect action-driven story.