E3 2012, who won this year...

The Big 3 conference is done, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo showed what's in store in the future, so who won this year, did the conference impressed me, here are my full thoughts of the conference.


The conference at least wasn't the same format as the pass 2 years, which is good, but what they offer is another thing. They showcased 2 most anticipated games, Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black-Ops 2, unfortunately, not my cup of tea, so I couldn't get excited, but in a business point of view, it's a good move, fans know what they are and no need for explanation. After Halo 4, they showcased game trailers for the hardcore, GoW: Judgement and Forza Horizon may interest me, and some of the games they showcased, someone will like something there. RE3 and Tomb Raider is a good show, as well South Park, nothing bad there. Xbox Smart Glass is a possible answer for the Wii U Game Pad, which is using anyway smartphones and tablets as a secondary screen to enhance the gameplay, but still make it optional, hopefully the program going to be free, but who know. Microsoft Explorer is a good touch adding in the Xbox360, but not everyone probably going to use it. but it still good that they finally added it in. When the conference is talking about improvement on the social and entertainment media, it was irreverent for me, I play videogames on console, not watch movie or talk to friends, that what a computer for, I understand that the console should also be a jack-in-all entertainment, I felt it didn't belong at E3 2012, maybe on their private media meet would be more appropriate. The new Kinect games that reminds me of Angry Bird 3D, WreckerCstle(?) looks good. Nike and Kinect for the workout genre was for me a waste of time, we know most people see videogames as making people get lazy and go fat (which is not true), that's why the genre began to exist, and money. During the Kinect segment, they announced Dance Central 3 with Usher, him being there has mixed reaction, unless Usher is in the game or at least has something to do with the game, Usher is out of place, a place about videogames seeing Usher doing his routine. The conference for me is a miss, the 2 anticipated games is weighted out with new media features and Usher, the routine may be different, but the message is the same, unfortunately. I rate the Microsoft Conference a 5 out 10 because Smart Glass program is interesting, but not something gamers may not use, unless free and most of the games are just trailers.

Side Note: My theory of why the lack of hardcore games on the Xbox 360, probably the new games or IPs might be going to the next console from Microsoft.


Like always, Sony shows a montage of games. them came Jack Trentton introducing what the conference is about, a good introductory, he should always do that. Jack explained the status of Sony company, then transition of a new IP from Sony, a new game from Quandric Dreams, the people who created Heavy Rain called Beyond: The 2 Souls starting that young lady from Juno and Inception. I played Heavy Rain, a good interactive story game, I can tell it will probably going to be the same, a rich interactive story. Then came Ubisoft with Assassin Creed III and Far Cry 3 showing new demonstration that was not in the Ubisoft conference. Far Cry 3 co-op mode, which I don't like FPS genre, but still good and Naval Battle in Assassin Creed III, first in the series, that I can not wait, I like the franchise and new SKU with partnerships Ubisoft, Assassin Creed III bundle and Assassin Creed III: Liberation PSVita bundle. Speaking of Assassin Creed III: Liberation, a new game for the Vita, I'm excited for that and maybe that can give me a reason to get a PSVita and of course it has integration features, they did that before with Assassin Creed II and the PSP Assasin Creed starting Altair. Playstation All-Star Battle Royale was shown, enough said, they announce that it will also be for the Vita and has cross-play feature, I like Super Smash Bros. Brawl and PSASBR is no different, an all star party fighting game and an announcement of Nathan Drake and Big Daddy, yes Big Daddy from the Bio Shock series is in the game, the first 3rd party character, hopefully Bad Box Art Mega Man or Pac-Man be in the game, lol... Wonderbook is interesting since they will be working with J.K. Rowling, the author for Harry Potter, the first series is called Book of Spell, which apparently take places in the Harry Potter universe, on one side, it's part of the Harry Potter story, and the other side is it's an interactive story book, I play videogames, not read, unfortunately did not impress me. The biggest show in the conference are God or War: Ascension, a prequel to GoW series and The Last of Us, a new IP from Naughty Dog, makers of Uncharted. GoW:A may be the same as previous GoW, but the visual and gameplay was more unique, hopefully the story is going to be good and Last of Us, the premise is interesting, I can not wait. The interesting part about those 2 showcase is they didn't need to explain the game. The games itself explained it all especially the Last of Us and that's the best way of explanation. The conference itself was interesting and I rate the Sony Conference a 8 out 10 because even they showed many good games and new IPs, Wonderbook kind of dragging the conference.


Note: This does not include the Pre-E3 Nintendo Direct.

The Wii U is the main feature of the showcase, granted that I watch the Pre-E3 show explaining the Wii U basic features, I was hoping for games. Learning the mistake from the 3Ds, they did show some good 1st Party Wii U games, New Super Mario Bros. U, the next of the series, i like it, but it's the same as before. Pikmin 3 is interesting, I like the previous games and prefer Wii New Play Control version. Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition is has some good features solely on the Wii U, unless you have a PS3 or Xbox 360, only people who never play the game will get it. Good showing but too late. Zombie U, I'm not impress, using the Wii U Game Pad as your utility tool is too much, shaking the Game Pad to get away from the zombie. Dead Island is the same minus the motion, a First Person Survival Horror, which it may be good, but not my cup of tea. Just Dance 4, not interested, I prefer Dance Central and using the Game Pad to change the routine may be interesting, but I don't know about longevity. Nintendoland, from what I saw, it's a party game with Nintendo theme, they didn't explained it well in the conference, it looks attractive, but still a bunch of mini-games. The starting line up for the 3Ds year is good, unfortunately, I have to wait until 6pm on the Nintendo site. Overall, there are hits and misses in their conference, they did show at least 1 hardcore game and 1 casual game, Wii Fit Plus U, a fitness genre now in the Wii U. I rate it the Nintendo Conference a 6 out 10 because IMO, not enough games for the hardcore, I have to watch from another site about P-100 and Game & Wario, 2 other games from Nintendo.

Final Thoughts:

Sony won this year's E3 2012, they showed 2 new IPs that are good and the game explained itself. Nintendo make in 2nd place because not enough hardcore games, and 3rd is Microsoft because the same Nintendo, Halo 4 and CoD:BO2 is not something I like. Congrats to Sony for winning this year.