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The Dyscourse behind the scenes documentary is out!

Owlchemy Labs' game Dyscourse is out now! I had the honor of making the behind the scenes documentary for the game, and it's out now as a part of the Special Edition of the game! Check it out if you're interested in the game, I'm super impressed by the hard work Owlchemy put into this game and I'm glad I got to help show it off!

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No Indie is an Island

Here is the second panel I filmed at PAX East 2015, it covers why a community is needed for independent studios. It features Trevor Stricker from Disco Pixel, Tom Fulp from Behemoth, Eian Glinert from Fire Hose Games, Dan Silva from Lantana Games, Ichrio Lambe from Dejobaan, and Tyler Glaiel.

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What You Absolutely Must Do to Get Into the Games Industry

I was at PAX East this past weekend to help some friends film some panels they were on, and the first one is up! It's about finding your way into the industry, and how each of the panelists found their own way into getting to work with games. I'm almost done with another panel about networking as an indie, that will be up sometime next week. Enjoy!

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Episode One of Indie Land is done!

My friend Ryan and I have started a show about independent games around the Boston area called Indie Land. I posted the interview with Fire Hose Games earlier but here is the whole first episode! Check it out!


Fire Hose Games interview

Hey, my friend and I are starting a show about independent game developers around the Boston area called Indie Land. Here is a sneak preview of the first episode that will be on youtube next week, we interviewed Fire Hose Games about PAX, Go Home Dinosaurs, Sony, and ice cream.


Summer of Bioware Update

School is done! I'm going to be starting this up next week starting with Baldur's Gate. Instead of reviewing a game when I finish it, I'm going to be giving out updates whenever I feel like it's necessary

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