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GOTY 2019

I was torn between doing a 2019 top 10 or a top 10 of the games I played in 2019 but I decided to stick with the formula. Cytus 2 is amazing go play it.

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  • One of the best MMOs/RPGs/games, ever made. The expansion contains the story of a full AAA game and reiterates on what made FFXIV a fantastic game in the first place. Shadowbringers made FFXIV, an excellent Final Fantasy, my favorite game ever.

  • A Perfect Video Game

  • I have spent thousands of hours in Souls games, played plenty of soulslikes and Code Vein is at the pinnacle of souls inspired games. Despite being an anime game and all the tropes that follow, the story is heartfelt and feels genuine with some inventive storytelling and progression. Code Vein borrows A LOT from Dark Souls but what it takes it reshapes with its own interpretation. Whether it's Anor Londo, dark swamps or bossfights Code Vein manages to put its own unique spin on an almost decade old formula. The combat is still deliberate but versatile and being able to change between over 20 classes on the fly and customize them by cherry-picking abilities from others makes it a truly unique game in the genre.

  • Ace Combat 7 is the definitive flying ace thrill ride with relentless action and continues the strange story of the Strangereal. This game is the reason I replayed every Ace Combat in 2019.

  • better than Uncharted

  • I only picked this up for the soundtrack but was genuinely surprised how well they managed to make a rhythm based Zelda game. It's incredible that a third party indie studio would be trusted to make an official Zelda game, even more so that they nailed every single part of it.

  • The quality of life changes, the addition of Wild Areas and changes to almost every system including the extremely formulaic story makes this the best Pokémon game ever made. :snom

  • Astroneer is one of those "one more turn" games where you're at the cusp of some new tech at all times and you just need to do this thing real quick... and then it's 3 AM.

  • I had a good time the 15 or so hours I spent with Sekiro but I just couldn't seperate it from a Souls game and how I play them. Even though it lacks the RPG and character build elements the game is still expertly crafted and a fantastic game.

  • I had seen maybe 20 seconds of forager and thought it was a weird Minecraft clone at first. I had no idea it turns into a Zelda game with almost idle game qualities, a huge tech tree and crafting systems for upgrades. A huge surprise and a delight.