January 2012: The games I finished.

This year I decided that I was going to try and clear some of my backlog of games. I have a lot of games and fewer than half of them completed. I hope to fix that soon.

For the month of January I beat three games.

Castle crashers. I had this game almost beaten two years ago. It was on my brother's XboX360 before I had one. I was at the final boss rush, but never could finish the last nit of the game, So earlier in the month I had an idea to get some Xbox live gold and some points to buy the game, then I could finish it with my brother online. I did just that and for some reason that I don't know about my game save was on my Xbox's HDD. I finished the game that night. I still want to start over again and finish the game with a different knight.

Shank was my second game this year. I think I got Shank with one of the humble indie bundles. I remember seeing and interview with the devs on TV quite a while ago. I thought the game looked cool back then so I figured I would give it a shot. This game is hard. It has great style and a 1980 action movie plot, what more could you ask for? How about a difficulty setting that gives you no checkpoints? Having not beaten the game on hard I'm not up to Shank's toughness yet, but I do think I will replay it again and soon.

The last game I finished this month was Saints row: The third. The Bombcast played this game up so much in the few weeks before it released I had to get the pre-order. Skyrim had taken up most of the last two months of 2011, and the gaps were filled with copious amounts of TF2. Come January I had pretty much written off the game. Then some news about DLC came about and I figured I should give it another go. I'm very glad I did, Steam had me clocked in at 24.7 hours played in the last two weeks. Volition got something right this time around. I've played all three Saints row games and this one is leagues beyond the other two.

Saints row: the third is also the first open world style game that I have completed, I usually get too distracted once the difficulty curves up in a tiny way, I just go on killing sprees until I get bored of the game and never play it again. It is actually making me think I should try and go back to GTA:IV.