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I see you have stumbled to where few dare enter.  I'm simply someone who loves video games; always has and always will.  My first console was the Sega Genesis but I grew up playing the Nintendo 64.  Over the years I have followed the gaming industry where we've all see the progress in graphics and gameplay.  My last console was the Xbox, where most of my favourite games and gaming franchises call home today; including Halo, KOTOR, Rainbow Six and my personal favourite, Project Gotham Racing 2 (Xbox Live + Cat and Mouse = Good times).  With Microsoft suddenly migrating to the Xbox 360, I thought I would enter PC gaming more in-depth and has logged too many hours on Counter-Strike, Jedi Outcast and most recently Call of Duty 4.  Who knows where my gaming habits will venture next but in this day and age, there is something for everyone.

In case you don't feel like reading all that, the short version is: