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Wonderfully Addictive Gameplay 0

I played Diablo, but it didn't consume me. When Torchlight was released late in 2009 the art style pulled me in, but I didn't understand the gameplay from the videos. I downloaded the demo, played two levels of the dungeon and knew this was going to be something fun!  I'm writing this review after having just beat the final boss with my first character, and immediately continued to play. Playing after I've beaten the game is a litmus test of quality for me, and in the last few years the only ot...

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Great action game with RPG elements sprinkled on top. 0

Take an open world game with lots of good explosions and gameplay, add character progression and RPG elements, stir liberally and you get Crackdown.  This is a great game that I continue to come back to every few months or so.  It's easy to pick up and play, and jumping over and around buildings is fun.I'm not a wordsmith, so all I can say is that this game is definitely worth the money and will provide several hours of fun....

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A good challenge, and great fun 1

I played roughly 60 hours of this game, and loved most of it.  The in-battle saves were a godsend to the series and prevented me from throwing in the towel.  That said, this is quite a difficult game, especially if you're the type of person who does not like your characters to die (as I do, since in Fire Emblem this condition is permanent!).Turned based strategies can be hit or miss, and this is definitely a hit.  Do yourself a favor and try it....

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