Silent Hill HD Collection; My First Silent Hill Experience

I'm about 3 hours into the Silent Hill 2 and so far, I really enjoy it. I have never played any Silent Hill games mostly because it never got my attentions. I jumped into PS2 fairly late(I got PS2 because I wanted to play Shadow of the Colossus) and since then, I have been a dedicated Sony fan.

Not gonna lie, I was pretty cautious about playing this game because I did not want to struggle with the terrible controls and, just as I expected, the game does not control well. With that said, I still really enjoy this game. What is really interesting about Silent Hill for me is that the more play, the more I notice the old mechanics in the game that they do not use anymore. Some of you guys might call that serious back steps, how video games got "too easy." Some of you might say it is a natural evolution. So these are couple of my random thoughts on my experiences with Silent Hill 2 HDified.

1) Man, they don't make games like this anymore....

When was the last time you played a game that does not give you any tutorials? If there is one thing that game developers make sure is that you know the mechanic and tell you what each button does what. Every CoD has that iron sight sequences and Skyrim had move joystick to move your head sequences. Silent Hill 2 just threw all that out of window. You get a little cut scene that barely explains the premises, and then go. It does not even bother to explain which button does what. People say nobody read the manual these days but if the game does not explain anything, we are going to have to read the manual. It was refreshing in a very weird to see a game that just drops you.

2) SH*T!!! Where is that noise coming from?! Goddamn it, I cannot see anything!!

The game has a lot of random unknown noises. You know have no idea where they are coming from, mostly because everything is covered by fog. Seriously, talk about zero visibility. Those noises are not even scary noises per se. There are nothing but just noises. One particular noise sounded someone threw a huge rock to the lake. It was a giant thump and splashes but because you cannot see anything, and cannot tell the origin of the sound, it gets super creepy. It is amazing how little sound design can put you on the edge easily. Considering how "horror games" these days have become nothing but weird creature designs(I love Resident Evil, but Resident Evil, it is impressive how Silent Hill manage to scare you without any visuals. It reminds me of Amnesia but I know you guys are going to say "Silent Hill did it first!!"

3) Fog... fog... fog... frigging fog...

As I mentioned before, you pretty cannot see anything. It gets very frustrating sometimes. If you take a step back, it is a mechanic to limit the player but in the context of a horror game, it becomes more than just a mechanic. It become a part of the atmosphere and part of the mysteries. Moreover, because you cannot see anything, you character has become really important. James, the man dude, would turn his head when he sees an item on the ground. Due to the fogginess, you will not be able to spot the items but because James turns his head to that general direction, you can walk and pick it up. Again. no tutorials or text information that says "X to Pick Up the Item." A simple nonverbal communication that enough for you to notice.

4) Voice Acting

I understand that purists do not want anything to be changed, including the voice acting. But I have not played the original and, even though I know you guys are going to hate me for saying this, they sound horrible. Just.... bad. It is obvious they are "acting" and it is too easy to see they are forcing such emotions to their voices. So I immediately change to new voice acting, which sounded way better and even helped me emerge into the game. I know, it is supposed to be B horror movie type of vibe. But I thought voice acting did not hold up well at alll.

5) Tank Control...

Thank God somebody told me about the 2D control because this 3D control(which is basically Tank Control) was not working for me. It is clunky and it takes too much time for no good reasons. With that said, the clunky control does add to the horror element. Three hours into the game, I am convinced that the developers definitely put the clunky control into their consideration when they designed this game. They knew it would be super hard for us to defeat an enemy with this control, which is why they made the combats avoidable. You can pretty much runaway from any enemies(even the infamous Pyramid Head). It is a simple thing to hide the weakness of the game and use it as a strength. Really smart.

In Conclusion...

I am really loving this game but I realize that a lot of people would find this game frustrating. The game is not easy. The puzzles are hard and they really do not give you enough information. I probably would not have figured it out that I needed to use the juicebox to get the stuck trash bag. Those thought would not have crossed my mind at all. It is not really friendly game but it has an amazing atmosphere, sound designs and enemy designs. I am glad I am playing it and i will post more thoughts as I play more of it.


Stereotypes of Gamers; How Much is it True?

I am Korean American and I came to the States after graduated from my middle school in South Korea(Trust me. You have no idea how many people have asked me "which Korea?"). I do speak fluent Korean and English but I have just enough subtle accents to give off the "foreign" vibe, as my friends would say. I have and love PlayStations. I enjoy playing JRPG but not exclusively. But I did pick PS3 over 360 because the games I enjoy are PS3 exclusives, which is a natural thing since I have been a long time Sony fan. Take that as you will. Unlike other Koreans, however, I do not like Star Craft. Never got into it, never enjoyed it. Some people found that very strange. I am not crazy good at video games but I get by. I am not overweight, do not have long hairs, but do wear thick black glasses. I do care about fashion and how I look. I enjoy playing tennis and, sadly, that is pretty much the only sport I play. Some might even call me a hipster but I have yet to discover what defines "hipster." I do have high GPA and I am an overachiever as many would associate with Asian Americans.

Base on what people have told me, the stereotypes of "Asian gamer" are;

Overweight, crazy good at games(especially fighting games or Star Craft if you're Korean), Japanese for the most of the times, has high GPA(but that is Asian stereotype in general), do not really go outside, do not take showers, wear one shirt and one pair of pants only(again, that is a stereotype for overachieving Asian), broken English and, this one always makes me laugh, have every JRPG in the world.

I do not know how much of them are universal but these are the stereotypes that I have heard, experienced or collected over the 9 years of my life in the States. More or less, I fit into 50 percent of stereotypes. But it makes me sad that how people love to categorize others base on something that is not really a fact. Comments like "of course you like Street Fighters" or something like "What? You don't play Star Craft? What kind of Korean are you?"

Every time when I get such responses, I say "so you must be Halo crazy and drink Mountain Dew every 5 seconds, huh?" and they do not say anything.

I know it is hard to believe we still have these kinds of stereotypes in 21st century, especially if you are from big cities like LA, New York, San Francisco, etc. But the truth is, there is still a good number of people who believe I should be controlling marines with glowing keyboards because I am Korean. Sad, but true.

So my question is this; How much is it true? What do you think about them? Do they bother you? What are the expectations that people have when you say you play video games?

Obviously enough, the biggest one I get is "you must be good at Star Craft." What about you? Please discuss!


Does realistic character design matter to you?

It is obvious that this week's Bombcast, especially Patrick's comment, has caused some commotion in Giant Bomb's forum. People talking about Final Fantasy's character illustrator and attacking or defending about it. Some of the comments have been nonsensical, or even immature but at the same time, there has been a lot of good comments.

But what really interests me is that how much people are clinging onto this topic. As a Korean who spent most of his youth in Korea, I have never found the whole "zipper and belts" issues in Final Fantasy annoying. As a mater of fact, I did not notice the excessive number of them until you guys mentioned it. I am used to seeing overly ridiculous anime characters, overly feminine male characters, and over the top character designs. I grew up watching those anime on my TV everyday. As a matter of fact, I found a lot of "western cartoon" characters exaggerated and I know that is something you guys cannot understand because you guys believe anime characters are super exaggerated. I do not need to go through elaborated anime Wikis to interpret each episode of anime to fully get the context of it because watching it is enough for me(the existence of still baffles me). I understand the culture because it is MY culture(but Japanese culture is quiet different form Korean but that's a different story). So it is especially surprising to me when people say "8th was fine because it looked realistic enough" and I am sitting here thinking "but... it is a video game that is more or less like an anime.... Why are you expecting a hint of reality from this?" For me, and I cannot speak for every Asian out there, that is like saying "I expect a hint of reality from Dragon Ball Z."

Then, there is other side of people saying "But look at Mass Effect's character design! This guy looks like a guy you might pass by on a street. Final Fantasy can learn something from this!" Now, I love Mass Effect as much as the guy next me, but you really cannot compare Mass Effect(or any "western" RPGs, really) with Final Fantasy. They are very different, they serve different audiences, and they come from two very different cultures. It is just that Final Fantasy happens to be popular in the West for some reason. So really, I feel like comparing those games is like apple and orange type of things.

The way I see it, this whole issues of "character design of Final Fantasy" is nothing but a cultural conflict. It is a clash between a group of people who are more willing to accept Japanese culture and a group of people who just think that is absurd. Maybe I am wrong or maybe I am right. I cannot tell for sure. But reading those comments has been very refreshing to me because it felt like I was in high school again, trying to explain the cultural differences to my high school friends.


It makes me sad that I don't care about Final Fantasy anymore

Just like many other people(or people in my generation, at least), I got into the Final Fantasy series because of the 7th one. Say what you will about that game but I still remember the moment when Aerith died and that was one of the saddest moments for me. Yeah yeah, other RPGs have done it blah blah blah. But you cannot expect a little kid version of me to play every single JRPG that was out at its time. To me, Aerith dying was not only one of the most saddest moments, but also, one of the most memorable moments. I would go as far as it shaped how I saw(or still see on some extent) JRPGs.

Since 7, I played every single Final Fantasy that came out afterwards except for the online ones. Really did not like the 8, and enjoyed the 9. I liked 10th purely because it was a PS2 game. I thought it was visually amazing but I did not love it as much as other people did.

It was then that I kinda stopped. I just stopped caring about it. The story did not interest me anymore, the characters never felt as good as Cloud, tired of the victory theme music, etc. I just did not see myself enjoying the game anymore.

When the 12th came out, I thought "okay, this is going to be the last Final Fantasy that I am going to care about." Weirdly, however, I enjoyed it. But I enjoyed it as an RPG but not as a Final Fantasy game. As much as people have complained about the combat system, I got the hang of it and I strangely enjoyed it(and I know I'm in the minority). But I realized that "this is actually a good RPG game(at least for me) that SquareEnix just slapped the Final Fantasy name on it so that people like me would buy." That really bummed me down.

And then, 13 came out!

And, because I'm a fool, I purchased it for two reasons: a) since I did enjoy 12, I thought there is a possibility for me enjoy this. b) Final Fantasy game for this current gen? HELL YEAH I'M BUYING IT!!

At the end, however, 13 left nothing but bad taste in my mouth. Even though I enjoyed the new combat system(which I would argue it is just a better version of 12's system), I hated everything else about the game. I did not look at those characters and think "they're pretty" anymore. I could not stand their terrible voice actings anymore and I really disliked the cheesy lines. I did not want to finish the story because I hated the characters' lines and voice actings. But I did finish it and I thought "fuck Final Fantasy." I realized this series was over for me.

Now, 13-2 is out and I cannot care less about it. As a person who once held his franchise dearly to his heart, it makes me sad what Final Fantasy has become and it is even sadder to see people saying "guy, Final Fantasy is still okay!" because I honestly think it is not. It is an opinion so I guess I do not have any rights to criticize them. But play Persona series. They managed to modernize JRPG genre without losing its "Japanessness" flavors. I wish Final Fantasy comes around and become THE JPRG again. But this route that SquareEnix has taken is wrong. I miss Cloud.


Games that I look forward to play this year!(No particular order)

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Soul Calibur V

I loved the third Soul Calibur a lot. Spent a lot of time with it and unlocked everything. The fourth one, however, was rather a disappointment. But that did not stop me from playing the hell out of it. Online fighting was good and enjoyable. Star Wars characters were dumb but it was fun to play as Darth Vader. Obviously, Ezio does NOT belong to the barely sensible Soul Calibur universe at all. But I cannot wait to play as him just to see what it will be like. It is coming out on January 31st and it is definitely going to be my first purchase of this year.

Street Fighter X Tekken

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I grew up in Korea and as a kid, I played a LOT of Tekken. It was one of those games that was cultural phenomenon in Korea and it is still the most played fighting game in Korea. Everybody was talking about Paul Phoenix's fire punch combo and Jin's sweeping spinning thunder kick chain to thunder uppercut combo. And Star Craft came out and all the arcades ran out of business. Sad. But I still have some fond memories of Tekken. So as a kid, having Street Fighter and Tekken mash up was like a dream and this March, that dream is going to come true! Cannot wait!

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The Last of Us

A zombie game that is from Uncharted Developers? Hmm... I guess I'm in? Survival horror game has been going on for a while and a lot of people have a zombie game fatigue by now. That is exactly what I thought until I played Resident Evil 5. Granted RE5 enemies were not zombies, I was still surprised by how much I actually enjoyed it. On some extent, I am scared to play the Last of Us because I feel like this is going to be my zombie fatigue game and have a "fuck zombies!" moment. But at the same time, because I have no idea what this game is going to be, I am hoping the game will have the "surprise factors."

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Mass Effect 3

This one is pretty much self explanatory since everybody is counting days to play it. I borrowed a 360 from my friend so that I could play the first Mass Effect and I enjoyed it every second of it. As a person who does not really enjoy sci fi type of game, I was surprised how deeply I was into the world. The last fighting scene on the giant space station was jaw dropping and epic. When EA announced Mass Effect 2 was going to be on PS3, I could not help myself but screaming "THANK YOU!" I played through about 5 times but I thought it was not as good as the first one(yes, I know. I'm one of them). But I am still excited to see what Mass Effect 2 crews are going to face in Mass Effect 3. And most of all, Shepard is awesome. Really, that is all.

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The Last Guardian

My first Team Ico game was actually Shadow of the Colossus. As a matter of fact, it was my first PS2 game. I got PS2 pretty late and when I played Shadow, it was amazing. The scale of those colossi was jaw dropping and I ended it up unlocking everything in that game(including the white horse). So when Team Ico says they are going to make a new game, it really excited me. I know a couple of developers have been laid off. I really hope that does not affect the game quality nor the release date.

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Tomb Raider

It makes me sad to see what Tomb Raider has become. Even though Tomb Raider series have lost of its fans and popularity, I have been purchasing every single Tomb Raider games and watching the downfall of it. It almost feel like Zelda syndrome because just like Zelda Tomb Raider game will always be a Tomb Raider game because it is trapped and limited by its settings. It will always be Lara Croft being a badass looking for an artifact that may or may not be cursed or chased by other evil person who Lara would have to fight in the end. And she does her sexy stretches for her idle animations. Yeap. That is pretty much it. Sad. So I was super excited when Chrystal Dynamics came out and said "no no no no, Lara Croft is not sexualized and she is vulnerable." People complain how a series of games keep sticking to their formulas and are not willing to take risks but when they actually do, people complain about it again. That is unfair. I am glad Tomb Raider is finally getting a make over and I am very very excited to see how this game turns out.


Thoughts "I would rather play Uncharted on 50 inch TV" Argument

I have always wondered about this argument. Even during PSP era(well... it was more like a year but whatever), people said a lot of things like that.

"I would rather play GTA on my TV."

"Nobody wants to play God of War on a small screen."

etc etc

I have never understood such sentiments.

True. God of War is amazing on a big TV and GTA is most certainly better on a big TV. But wouldn't it be awesome if you are able to play those games on the road? Which... is what portable devices do and is their whole purpose?

What is wrong with playing console games on portable devices when you're away from your home? Yeah graphics are not as good as PS3/Wii and how can it be? But I am playing Uncharted/Mario on my Vita/3DS while I am on a bus/subway/airplane to go to work/school/business trips/home. Why is that a bad thing?

Maybe because I appreciate high standard portable entertainment devices more because I travel a lot. But I cannot honestly see the validity of the argument of "I would rather play this on a big HDTV" unless he/she has purchased the device and plays it at home, which, in that case, you obviously made a bad a purchase.

So people, enlighten me. What am I missing? What part of this argument am I not understanding? Or, are you with me on this?


[GOTY SPOILER!!] Wanted to point out something

I posted the exact same thing and a lot of people complained about how I ruined the GOTY. So I deleted the post, created a new title with a spoiler warning and posted the exact same thing again.


I like Skyrim and I think it truly deserves to be number 1 on Gaint Bomb's top 10. No doubt. But I want to point out something that another person has mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I think it is worth mentioning and worth thinking about it.

I played Skyrim on PS3 and unlike other PS3 uers, I was fortunate enough to not experience any severe problems. Just a couple of freeze ups(like twice) but other than that, it did not go straight up unplayable or broken.

But truth be told, Skyrim on PS3 is atrocious. As a matter of fact, it is really unplayable for some people. Breaks my heart but whatever. It is what it is.

Now, this other person, whose user name I cannot really remember, wrote something about how Skyrim does not deserve to be number 1 purely because it failed to deliver a great experience equally to all platforms. I thought that was a fair point on some extent; however, I did not really care what he wrote mostly because I, personally, was having great experiences with it. But at the same time, he brought something that, I believe, is a crux of his argument.

He mentioned how Ryan ruled out Bayonetta as a winner of some category couple of years ago because that game had so much problems on PS3.

It is funny how Giant Bomb crews(or even us, really) often say "bugs cannot be overlooked and it does not give a free pass no matter how good the game is"(as a matter fact, I think Jeff mentioned in one of the GOTY podcasts). We decided to penalize Bayonetta for failing to deliver equal experience through out the platforms, and yet we basically gave a pass to Skyrim because well... it is an amazing game.

I am going to say this again because I really want to make this clear, I do not have any problems with Skyrim being number 1. I did not have problems with it and I feel bad for other people who are having horrible experiences due to the game bugs. But I thought it was worth mentioning.

I don't know. Maybe they will explain it on their Day Five GOTY Podcast. I don't know. I haven't heard the whole thing yet since it's like 4 hours(YES!!).


I hated Demon's Souls

It really surprises that I am actually enjoying Dark Souls. I think I am around level 53 and have been playing forty something hours? I do not really remember but whatever. The point is that I am loving Dark Souls and I was not expecting that at all. Especially because I hated Demon's Souls.

My experience with Demon's Souls can be described into two words; pure devastation

Oh my God... I hated it! I got over the fact that the game kills in about first 15 minutes of the game. That is fine. Demon's Souls is not the first game that kills a player in the beginning of the game. Not a big deal. But when I realize dying takes away half of your health, that pissed me off. But whatever. I still wanted to give a benefit of doubts, kept telling myself "there has to be a reason why people are loving this game and I am going to find out!"

After long works and about 2 hours? I killed the first boss. It felt amazing, gained a lot of confidence, told myself "I can do this!" Got back my full healthy, felt good and went straight to the second stage after leveling up a bit. Died numerous times and lost lots of... like lots of souls. I kept thinking "dude... if I keep losing souls, how the hell am I supposed to level up?" It felts like I'm going around the circle and making no progress what so ever. It was depressing. After an hour or two, I finally managed to face the spider boss. Crushed. Effing crushed. Devastated. All the souls and efforts, gone. Threw my controller. Swearing at TV. Anything that you can think of an angry child would do. Did not feel like I was going to go back.

Dark Souls? Demon's Souls spiritual successor? Why not? I already hate myself, anyway

I had to find out why people were going crazy over this game. I just had to. So with tears, I bought Dark Souls. Put it in my PS3, a bunch of familiar fonts, red messages on the floor, yeap, this is definitely the spiritual successor.

Weirdly enough, I did not hate it. Somewhat I was enjoying the game. I do not know why and even now I still do not understand. I am not going to lie. I used a lot of guides, walkthroughs(shout out to Mitchell from game front and his youtube videos), forums etc etc. But really, that does not make the game easier. It just makes you more prepared but it does not "ruin" the game as others might argue. But that is a whole another story. The point was that unlike Demon's Souls, I was enjoying the game slowly and now, I might even say I love the game.

Why do I love this game? I still don't know why...

Maybe I love the looks my character. I have never been so attached to something that is arguably the most generic and bland video game character. Considering that the character creation is basically MMO style and the whole conversation in the game never calls you a name nor by anything that a player can actually call, it is astonishing how I am so attached to my character. Maybe it is purely the hours that I have put. But I really love my character.

Maybe it IS the difficulty of the game. I still do not think the game is fair. In fact, I think the game is cheap. Something like hiding a huge dragon that kill you with one hit or making you fight with two bosses but having one fully heals himself after you killing one, etc. Those are not fair. But I still want to push myself and kill them with pure passion. The attitude of revenge is what driving me to play this game, which cannot be healthy. It is a huge mystery to me why I love this game.

With everything said, I love this game and yet I am not willing to go back to Demon's Souls. Also, I can totally understand who hates this game and I think that is the natural reaction. People who love this game, including me, are crazy.

P.S. Praise the Sun!!


Beginner's Advices for Mortal Kombat Beginners

So I have never played Mortal Kombat before(Gasp, someone screams out "blasphemy!" from a distance) mostly because I grew up in Asia and I could not understand the culture of Mortal Kombat when I first came to the States. Plus I was already too used to the Japanese style fighting games such as Street Fighter, King of Fighters or Tekken.

But the newest Mortal Kombat looked awesome so I bought it and man, it is a totally different game! And, this is also gonna surprise a lot of experienced players, it is SUPER hard!!! And I'm an okay Street Fighter player! I wouldn't say I am good because I really am not but I can win a few matches. But man... I was surprised by the fact how different Mortal Kombat was and it took me some times to get used to it but it is still SUPER hard!!!

So this is a couple of things that I have learned from Mortal Kombat as someone who is new to the franchise and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one out there. This is a list of things that I found it very helpful once I learned through hard works so if you are a beginner like me and have no knowledge of Mortal Kombat like me, please ready this! And if there is something that you want to add, please leave comments. I want to be better at this game.

1. Let's start with something really simple. There is a button for blocking.
I can imagine those experienced players laughing at me because of this but I did not know there was a block button in this game! Since I was too used to Street Fighter, I kept press back button but soon I learned that did not do anything. For PS3, the block button is R2. I don't know for sure for 360 but I'm going to guess right trigger. If you were wondering "goddamn it! Why do I keep getting hit!!" that was the reason.

2. Story Mode is brutally hard!!
When you look at the menu, the chances are you are going to pick the story mode first because... it's a video game. But let me warn you, it gets pretty brutal. AI is no joke, especially if you have never played Mortal Kombat before but let's just assume you managed to beat a couple of fighters in the beginning, like I did. You feel cocky and you feel like you're getting a good grip of it and BAM! You fight with 2 enemies simultaneously. That is seriously hard. I did not see any difficulty option because when you pick story mode, it just jumps into the story. There is no "choose difficulty" before the fight. You just jump in and just go. And fighting with two enemies at the same time is pretty overwhelming. So I recommend just going through some fighters first like you are testing the water before you go swimming. Once you get a good grip on it and understand how the fight works, jump into the story mode. There is also a training mode so you can always do that too.

3. Everybody controls kinda the same
"BLASPHEMY!!!" ....... Okay, so when I say everybody controls kinda the same, I mean that everybody has a similar control scheme. It is like Street Fighter. No matter who you choose, quarter circle punch/kick is gonna go something. Fire ball, spiral kick, roll, whatever. It will do something. It goes somewhat similar to Mortal Kombat. Forward punch/kick is universal combo for every character(I think) and quarter circle punch/kick is also universal(I think). Pick a character, practice with it and pick another character and see what she/he does. Or... you can always look at the move lists. There is no shame in that.

4. Crouch + Triangle (or Y for 360) is an uppercut
Apparently if you are into Mortal Kombat, uppercut is a big deal. It is also really helpful because it is a good attack when someone jumps on you. And I can totally imagine that being a good combo initiator. So mix around a bit with that. Some characters just straight up teleport to the air. Teleport after the uppercut would be a good beginner's combo.

5. The last advice. In case you haven't noticed, the fighting is very combo based.
The game has a unique style of chaining the moves. I am not really good at it either so I have not gone passed more than like... 4 combos, give or take. But at the same, it almost feels like it has a sequence of moves that can be chained but if you try to do otherwise, it breaks. I'm guessing there are moves that can be chained that cannot be chained probably for the purpose of balancing. But if you do not know any chains, your moves do not really mean anything and cannot really damage other players. Seriously, your Johnny Cage can throw that green balls over and over again but it ain't gonna do anything. You have to know your sequence.

So that's all I know for now and I know you're thinking "what a noob." Whatever. This game is weird, all right? It's so weird I like it but really, this game is weird... If you have any other advices, please leave a comment. Thanks for reading.


Two things that I have noticed about the Giantbomb users

Attention: I am not saying every giantbomb user belongs to this category. 
Two things that I have noticed about the Giantbomb users:
1) They hate gamespot and IGN
It makes sense mostly because they are Giantbomb lovers but sometimes I notice certain "hatreds" toward gamespot and IGN. Calling them corrupted or saying things like they are unreliable or even pointing people who use IGN as "bad people." I do not understand that. People... we are all mature people and they are people who want to see other reviews before they make their purchases. Also, please do not say "oh they are afraid of getting their ads pulled out by the company" without any sources. That is just a conspiracy theory. And I know people who read this is gonna say "oh but it's true you dumbass! They did get paid for the review!" Dude... whatever. If you don't like other websites, that's fine. Keep it to yourself. Don't point other people and call them ignorant.  Also, they hate gamespot because....
2) They LOVE Jeff Gerstmann
Like.... really.... It looks Giantbomb is a Jeff Gerstmann cult or something. I've seen things like "I'm not gonna play anything that Jeff says it's bad" or "It must be terrible because Jeff says so" or, and this is my favorite, "It's right because Jeff says so." People.... Giantbomb does not equal Jeff. Ok? It is a cooperate efforts by Jeff, Vinny, Brad, Drew, Ryan, Dave, Sean and other Whiskey Media people that we do not know because they are working on the back, behind the curtain. Also, just because Jeff does not like one game, that does not automatically mean it's a bad game. Now, I'm not questioning his professionalism as a game journalist. He is a great reviewer and I think things he says are very legitimate. But that does not mean I uphold every single word he says. Do you really love everybody movie that critics said they were great movies? You probably don't. Game is the same thing.  I don't care how many stars Jeff gives it to Call of Duty. I don't like it. I think the story is juvenile like a young kid's little scribble notes who has fantasies about being in American army and it has nothing going on other than multiplayer. It might as well release the damn game without a single player campaign as far as I concern. Learn to have your opinions people! And please, give some credits to other Giantbomb crews too. 
Oh people are gonna hate me so much....

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