A rather delayed game of the year list.

2016 was a terrible year. Just horrible. I’m not here to recap the year though I’m here to talk games. The games were good, really good.

2016 though…. Alan Rickman? Fuck.

There were a couple of games from last year that I can’t make a list of 2016 without at least mentioning. These two games, I haven’t had much time to get deep into. But from what I have played they are surprisingly good.

Final Fantasy XV

My history with Final Fantasy is patchy, I played and loved 7-10. Never actually finished one of them though. Hated 12 and 13. Didn’t play any of the MMO’s. 15…is… different. That isn’t a bad thing though. The combat is hectic as all hell but it’s fun, the story seems bland but who cares the open world is magical and beautiful, damn is it beautiful.

The Last Guardian

I think I have only played an hour of this so far, Trico seems cool and he passes my girlfriends test… “aww isn’t he cute”. The stuff I have heard about the way the game plays the logic behind Trico and how he reacts seems interesting. I just hope I don’t get frustrated.

Anyway the actual list. Here goes.

10. Super Hot

This game frustrated me for the whole 2 hours I spent playing it. I couldn’t see when bullets were coming at me. It took me a while to get the logic behind the movement. But when it all clicked into place and you watch your run back in real time the game looks beautiful. Maybe it would have placed higher if I had a bit more fun.

9.Ratchet and Clank

I haven’t seen the film and I have only played one of the Ratchet games on PlayStation 3. But for some reason I have always been a Ratchet fan. I don’t know why. This game though, looks amazing on the Pro, is a hell of a lot of fun and it’s funny too. I am so glad they rebooted this franchise and I can’t wait for a sequel.

8. Firewatch

Firewatch is all story and it kept me interested from the start right till the last second. The twists in the story. The misdirection, its all part of the fun. It’s not often that I can sit down for extended periods of time with a game but Firewatch was a one sitting game for me.

7. Battlefield 1

A shooter set during World War 1 was a risky move for Dice to make. It worked. The single player although short, is a great 4 hours. Especially the last campaign. The openness of the level in front of you giving you multiple ways to take it on. I hope dice play more with that in future games. The multiplayer is the same as always top class.

6. Uncharted 4

Uncharted is my favourite gaming series of all time. Its popcorn gaming at its best. So its telling of the quality of this year’s games that it places 6th on my list. Its an amazing probably the best in the series but the next 5 games are just so much better.

5. Hitman

I don’t like Hitman games. They just don’t play well, its too slow and I never have fun. Until now. Maybe it’s the episodic format stopping me from getting bored. Maybe its all the dumb fun you can have. I don’t know what it is. I just know I love playing this game. If I ever find myself with an hour or so free. I’ll occasionally pop this on and do an escalation or something to get that mastery to level 20.

4. Doom

I passed on this game when it came out. Played level 1 and got caught up with either Uncharted or Overwatch I can’t remember. I wish I hadn’t this game is fast paced fun; the way shooters never are anymore. It feels so good, looks beautiful and the metal soundtrack fits the game perfectly. The only gripe I have is, this game fucks up my PS4…no seriously the system locks up after playing this game, this and Stardew.

3. Overwatch

I’m not a multiplayer shooter guy. I am an Overwatch guy however. Maybe it’s the way they don’t focus on KDR or the wacky characters and art style. This game is just charming and hooked me totally for 2 months straight.

2. Titanfall 2

Titanfall 1’s multiplayer was fun, take that add an amazing single player campaign. Yes, the best campaign a shooter has had for a while and you have a near perfect game. The small one off puzzles you have to do are incredible. This game also has two of the greatest gaming moments in 2016.

1. Stardew Valley

This game totally took me by surprise. I bought it to play about with on my hour lunch break and on public transport to my meeting once or twice a month. I now spend probably 5 or 6 hours a week on this game, just farming and mining and talking to folks. I’m addicted. P.S Hayley is a bitch. Talk about my shoes like that again and I will poison that egg I give you every morning

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A Few Thoughts About Pokémon GO

It’s safe to say as a kid I was a little geeky. Fuck. I was and still am a huge geek. I liked Pokémon, I played hundreds of hour’s of Pokémon Blue and Yellow. I watched the anime every Saturday morning and was first in line for the film (well i went to the cinema to see it anyway). Then I grew up. I stopped watching Pokémon shortly after that film (I ain’t into there being more than 151 Pokémon, screw that), got my RPG kicks from Final Fantasy and started watching shows for grown up people, you know like Power Rangers.

I tried playing later games in the series. Black was my first attempt and more recently Y but they never really worked for me. They were filled with Pokémon I didn’t know and I just didn’t find it any fun. Then along came Pokémon GO, there was no way a 28 year old man would be interested in a game where you walk around parks pointing your phone at thin air all in the aid of catching fake monsters. Right?

Pokémon go is at its base an Augmented Reality game where you walk around and every now and again your phone will beep. The beep notifies you that there is a Pokémon near you. You then quickly get your phone out of your pocket, point it at nothing (hopefully its nothing, don’t go pointing your camera phone at random kids please…that shit will get you in trouble). On your screen you’ll see one of the original 151 Pokémon (minus 5 which are currently being held back for unknown special magical… bull shit reasons), you then throw Pokéball’s at said ‘mons until you catch them. Then that’s it. Yep the base of the game is walk, encounter imaginary ‘mon (I hate that i’m calling them “‘mon’s" too, its just quicker to type OKAY), swipe the screen and now you own imaginary ‘mon. That’s your game. Fun right…….right?

Surprisingly yes. Well. Sort of. It’s extremely addicting, Niantic (the company behind this new craze) have peppered in a few more things for an aspiring Pokémon trainer to do don’t worry, it’s not that basic. You can visit certain landmarks and collect item’s. Those landmarks are called Pokéstop’s in game. At the Pokéstop’s you can collect more ball’s, potion’s, revive’s and also egg’s.

The egg’s are used to hatch more Pokémon. You have to walk 2, 5 or 10km (depending on the egg) and after that distance is travelled the egg will crack open and you will get yourself one more Pokémon. You can also evolve, level up Pokémon and fight them in Gyms (also found at certain landmarks). That’s about everything the “game” has to offer.

Your character (which you create at the start) has a level. That level governs what power Pokémon you catch, which also have their own level that can increase (CP). So basically the higher level you are the better your ‘mons will be. So grind your arse off. Okay so that really is it.

The main question is, is this game fun, erm to be totally honest. I’m not that sure. It’s addicting, oh man is it addicting. But fun…..eh not really. Its a nice time waster and something to do when you have to walk somewhere, but I don’t think I would call the game in itself fun. Where the fun lies with me is going out with my girlfriend just sat around chilling, talking shit and catching Pokémon. It’s meant we have done different things than the usual, we have had a picnic in the park and gone out on random late night walks. That’s what I like about this game, its been something that we can do together. Some common thing we both enjoy.


What to do for the next 2 month's

It's the new year and tonnes of games are coming out. I wish that statement was true but it's not. It's just not. There is absolutely fuck all till March when we get Titanfall and Infamous. So it's backlog time. 2 full months to clear up what ever games I want to before any titles of note release.

So what do I plan on playing is my question?

The Last of Us

I went to New Zealand a week after this game released and never got around to finishing it. I think I am about 2/3 of the way in so it shouldn't be that time consuming.

Beyond: Two Souls

The Xbox One came out just as I was getting into this which made me push it to the side. Time to get back into it. Again I think I am about 2/3 of the way through so this game shouldn't take too long either.

Metal Gear Rising : Revengeance

It was on PS+ seems pretty cool, gonna give it a shot.

Max and the Curse if Brotherhood

A small XBLA game that came out just before Xmas. I guess it's worth a shit there's nothing else to play on the One at the minute.

Need for Speed Rivals

I am honestly not too impressed with how this game I slated out but the gameplay is still fucking awesome.

I will also be putting time into FIFA 14, Battlefield 4, Football Manager 2014 and I may as we'll play Call of Duty: Ghosts I do own it after all.

So what will everyone be playing to keep you occupied till decent games start rolling again.

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If any one cares here are a Few Games I liked this year

This year was exceptionally hard to pick out 10 games for my list. Not because there were so many games I couldn’t choose. Actually quite the opposite this year seemed to have very few games that I actually wanted to play. I don’t know if that is because its a new console release year and developers are still trying to get to grips with the hardware or because a few big games such as Watchdogs have been delayed. Anyway ‘eres the list.

Honorable Mentions: NBA 2k14

I used to be a basketball fan way back when. When I was a kid actually. You know Michael Jordan. Space Jam. So yeah Channel 4 over here used to run highlights of games and I made an effort to check out as many Bulls games as I could. Now eeeh….I couldn’t care less, but i am told 2K’s NBA is the graphical poster child for the new generation of consoles and fuuuuck does this game look amazing. I am slowly picking up how you actually play basketball (damn there are a hell of alot of ways to foul) and I have to say I am having a tonne of fun with the career mode. Oh and the game has classic bulls so I can smash some Jordan. Saying that I feel I can’t really place this in my top 10 because I don’t fully understand the game yet and I am still learning the ropes but its good real good.

And Persona 4: Golden

I know you guys are probably bitching at me right now. Dude this came out years ago and even if you run on a technicality it came out on Vita Last year. You know what my reply is “Shut the fuck up”.....sorry if thats a little harsh but yeah. Persona 4 actually released in April over here and when it did I had to buy a vita. So I did and I have to say this is THE game to own on the Vita. It is hell of fun. I haven’t liked a JRPG since….erm...damn it has to be Final Fantasy X. Persona just hooked me from the off. Really interesting story and battle techniques make this a game to own.

Anyway on to the list:

10. Saints Row IV

You like Saints Row The Third right. Well take that throw in some Matrix rip offs and a shit tonne of superpowers that kind of break the game (but in a fun way) and you have one dumb assed fun game. I had so much fun playing this game, just flying around the city picking up shards. It scratched the same itch Crackdown did way back when.

9. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Even though this game only clocks in at just over 2 hours and its rather simple. It is 2 hours well spent. The story told in this game is so interesting and eventually really upsetting. If you like story heavy games this is definitely one to play. The game looks amazing too, I mean they actually place benches around the environment so you can sit and look at the views.

8. FIFA 14

I buy FIFA every year and every year I love the game. This year though. This year I have found myself playing the game a hell of a lot more than usual. You wanna know why? The game looks fucking gorgeous. The next gen versions at least. My father actually mistook me playing it for an actual football match over the holiday break.

7.DmC: Devil May Cry

I generally don't like character action games, but even with DmC coming out early in the year it made a damn good impression on me. The art style was amazing. The combo action is also loads of fun. If this game was to get a next gen upgrade it would be a definite day one buy for me.

6.Tomb Raider

Another early in the year game release. Another bloody good game. Tomb Raider seemed to do everything uncharted did and look beautiful doing it.

5. Dead Rising 3

I have made no secret of hating all previous Dead Rising games. They felt clunky and a little old fashioned in many ways. Dead rising 3 though. Dead Rising 3 seems to fix many problems and throws a shit tonne of Zombies at you in the process.

4.Grand Theft Auto 5

This is the first GTA game I have played through to completion. The mixture of personalities with the 3 character dynamic was great to witness and the heist missions in the game really excelled it among its predecessors.

3. Assassins Creed 4

I burnt out on this series a few years ago. Until this year. Black Flag was amazing. I'm not quite sure what won me over. Was it Kenway, the pirate genre in General or the amazing ship based combat. You know what it doesn't matter this is a fun game that has won me back round on the series. I can't wait to see where Ubisoft go next with this one.

2. Battlefield 4

The games broken. The single player campaign falls short of its amazing start but the multiplayer is still top of its class. I own the game on both PC and Xbox One and for the first time I find myself playing the console version. It now has all the benefits of the PC counterpart and it's so much easier to pick up and play.

1. Bioshock Infinite

I know there has been a lot of hate thrown around since the games release. But I am sorry I disagree. I take the game for what it was when I played it and the enjoyment I got from it was second to none this year. I even liked the combat. But where Infinite excelled was it's story. The plot and setting drew me in from start to finish.

One final honourable mention: The Wolf Among Us

Last year The Walking Dead was my Game of The Year. So I had to try The Wolf Among Us. Not knowing the comic on which the game was based I was a little hesitant on whether or not I would enjoy this game as much, but after playing the first chapter today I have to say I fucking love it. I really do. The only reason it doesn't appear in the top spot of this list is the fact that only 1/5 of the game has been released so far. I can't really get a full picture of the whole product also I just played it today, it needs some time to sink in. Oh well the rest of the game will release next year. Maybe it will appear next year.

So there it is, There are some pretty decent games in there. But this years games seem a little limp in comparison to previous years. Yeah the top 5 games on my list are awesome fucking games but the others I mean...hell I have wrote about 2 yearly sports franchises here. Oh well roll on next year. Can't friggin wait. Destiny, Watchdogs and Titanfall just to name a few amazing games. I think it is safe to say 2014 will be a good year (if not an expensive year) for gamers. Especially me. I am thinking new PC and PS4 at some point.

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New Zealand: Drinking, Zorbing, Drinking and a Bungee. Part 2

Hey guys, so I thought I would write a third blog about my trip to New Zealand. I am not sure if anyone actually reads these or is even interested in what I have to say. To be totally honest I don’t care. These will be cool to read back in a few years when my memories about New Zealand are not entirely fresh. Anyway, if you are interested here are the other 2 posts I have made about my holiday. Here and Here

Last time I kind of only really spoke about my first day in New Zealand and my night out in Auckland. So on to day two. Early wake up. Still fucked, really jet lagged. I mean at this moment in time I could barely keep my eyes open. We had to go pick up a campervan though so its time to fight through the tiredness and get my holiday on.

We picked the Campervan up from somewhere near Auckland airport. The dude who we were renting it from was late. This seemed to be a recurring thing throughout the trip. Kiwi’s seem to be very laidback people. I love this fact, it really fits in with my philosophy on life, don’t let shit get to you, chill out duder. Being late though, its not professional at all. Anyway, we rang him, got his ass outta bed and got the motor home. First impressions were, dude this thing is a monster, it was bloody huge. It was also very old. In Fact it looked like it was about to fall apart. Actually once it did break down. In the middle of nowhere. Thank god a helpful passerby had tools in his car and could reattach the cables to the battery. Oh well whether we liked it or not this was our home for the next 5 days.

All in all, I liked the campervan. It had its problems, Limited cooking space, 5 people crammed into 1 small room and it was fucking cold at night. Really bloody cold. The camp sites too. The reason we chose to spend half of our trip in a camper was because we assumed it would be pretty cheap. Yeah we have to pay for petrol and camp sites but they can't be that expensive right? Wrong. Camp sites were over $100 a night and that big ass motorhome drank petrol like I drink IRN BRU.

Our first drive was a couple of hours south of Auckland, Rotorua. Famous for its hot springs. More on that later. Our first stop in Rotorua was a Zorbing place. I have never done Zorbing before so I was pretty anxious. Being stuck in a ball half filled with water rolling down a hill. That seems dumb. Hell no. It was hell of fun. There were 3 courses one that went straight down, A Zigzag course and one with a big ass drop in it. The straight hill I did strapped in, no water. The other 2 I did a water Zorb. That was amazing splashing around in a ball being thrown all over the place. So much fun.

Me in a Big Ass Hamster Ball
Me in a Big Ass Hamster Ball

After a quick lunch we went on to our next excursion, glow worm caves. Basically you are taken down a dark limestone cave full of stalactites and stalagmites. You then board a boat, by the way you can see fuck all. In the boat you are taken down a river (still in the cave) and all over the walls and ceiling are the glow worms They looked amazing in the dark. Although this was interesting, its not really my thing.

I don’t know if I mentioned this before but this time of year in New Zealand it is bloody damn cold. So when one of my friends said next we were going for a swim in an outdoor swimming pool I pretty much told her to fuck right off. It turns out this pool that we went to used water filtered down from the local hot springs. It was bloody amazing. 2 degrees outside and 42 in the water. Blissful is all I can describe it as.

Hot Springs Mother Licker
Hot Springs Mother Licker

Well that was it for Rotorua, time to make our way down to Wellington for the trip on a ferry to the South Island. The trip down took a day or two but when we got there. We had to have a night out. Big City, the capital city. Time to go out on the piss.Even though it was a Tuesday night and it wasn’t too busy it was a pretty decent night. We met a few cool people and got extremely wasted. The next day, hung over we all took a cable car to the botanical gardens.....boring as fuck. Time for the ferry.

Well that’s it for another blog. That was pretty much my total experience of the North Island. In the next blog I will chat about the South Island, my time in Queenstown and finally the bungee.

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New Zealand: Drinking, Zorbing, Drinking and a Bungee. Part 1

In my last post I detailed the worries I had before my big trip to New Zealand. Well I have been home a week now and I have to say the trip went off with very little problems .

The whole point of the trip was to visit a couple friends who have been travelling since last October. They started in Asia, worked their way down to New Zealand and are now working their way back home to the UK. It was really good seeing them after all that time and spending over 2 weeks with them was a hell of allot of fun. Anyway on to the trip.

The flights where bloody terrible. I have never been able to sleep on a plane. On the way there we flew from Birmingham to Dubai which was 8 hours, Dubai to Brisbane which was a fucking terrible 18 hour flight, no sleep and I managed to break the TV about an hour in, don't ask me how but none of the films would work and i felt bad asking the trolley dollies for help with it. Oh well I have my Vita. So yeah I played some need for speed and Persona 4 for about 14 hours. Both games are really fun. Oh and what the fuck Teddy is now a person, in the real world. What the hell is happening in that game. Anyway when we got to Brisbane it was straight off that airbus (those things are fucking huge) and on to another plane for 3 hours.

Then that was it, after 29 hours of flying and 5 hours waiting in airports we landed in Auckland. Knackered, hungry and I think a little agitated. So the last thing we wanted to do was something energetic.

You will never guess what we were tasked with about 2 hours after stepping off of the plane? Our friends who had already been in Auckland 3 days wanted to walk up Mt. Eden. Over 2 days of flying on fuck all sleep and I am now walking a fucking Volcano. Great.

Actually it was. The views from the top were amazing. You can see the whole City from up there. It was beautiful.

No Caption Provided

With us only really having one night in Auckland we had to then check out the nightlife. I'm not too sure why but at this point I wasn't even tired. That night was great. We met some really cool people, travelers and locals and saw a great acoustic set in a Irish bar. Also that night we decided to take a trip up the top of Auckland's Sky Tower. The tower for all of us would be a big realization how high 134m is. That is around the height of the viewing deck of the tower, and the height that we would be jumping from with our bungee the next week.

Believe me it is fucking terrifyingly high.

This blog is actually going to be a hell of allot longer than I expected. For readabilities sake I think I might split the trip into multiple posts. So there you go that was my 1st day in New Zealand.

I do want to conclude this blog with a few sentences for Ryan. Although I never met him. I did see him off in the distance at a PAX a few years ago (I will forever regret not going up and saying hi). From hearing about his life over the years in Bombcasts and Videos on the site. I think we all feel like we knew him well. All I really want to say is that my thoughts go out to Ryan's family, friends, especially the crew and Ryan's widow. 34 is no age to lose someone, especially someone so full of life as Ryan seemed to be. R.I.P Duder we all miss you.

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New Zealand Trip Entry 1: Pre Holiday Stress

It is exactly a week until I go on a huge trip to New Zealand...the other side of the fucking world. I am obviously really excited about this. Me and 4 friends have decided to take 3 weeks and rent a motorhome and take a tour of the country. Its gonna be amazing. Seeing the sights, getting drunk, doing a few activities (bungee....scared isn’t the word), getting drunk and well...well getting hammered (don’t know if I mentioned that).

As well as being very, very excited about the upcoming trip I am hella stressed out. I have been on holiday with parents before and I have even been on small holidays with my ex girlfriend but nothing this massive. It hope to fuck I don’t forget anything.

Money has been a big stress for me. At first I wasn’t 100% sure what to so. I didn’t feel comfortable walking around with a grand on me ($1800 NZ). I finally decided on a travel cash card. They seem pretty good. Load the thing with money and use it over there like a debit card. There is a charge of $4 NZ to withdraw money but 0 charge for chip and pin purchases. It seems a safe way to carry all that money around with me.

Packing too, dude packing for a 3 week trip is a ball ache. What clothes do I need, how much baggage allowance do I have. I decided to pack pretty light with a hope that there will be a Laundrette over there on our path somewhere (Might get me some GTL in while I am over there).

The last stress for me is the flight. Fuck me, a 7 hour flight from Birmingham to Dubai, 4 hours in Dubai and then 18 hours to Auckland. Its a good job that I have bought a few portable chargers to charge up my Vita and phone on the planes. I have loaded my vita with a few games also. I think most of the travel time will be taken up by Persona 4 Golden but I might fit in some Uncharted and Thomas was alone too. I have also loaded The Lord of the Rings films onto my Vita. Now I think those films are fucking boring (so, so dull). Please don’t hate me I know that and Star Wars are Nerd Culture but I just can't stand either. But over 24 hours traveling might change my views on the films (especially if I have nothing else to watch). I have been advised to watch the films because I am told by a friend that we will be visit the Hobbit Holes (I hope I don’t get dirty, they don’t live like moles do they?) and some pub called the Prancing Pony. I may as well find out what the fuck I am in for.

But yeah that’s pretty much it. 3 weeks at the total opposite side of the world. Should be fun...and a little messy (I hope we don’t get arrested). I hope to hit up a couple more blogs when I get home, talk about what I did and post a few photos of what I saw. I think it might be pretty damn interesting. Check me out on twitter @nutta27 (I might occasionally tweet if I find a wifi signal).


Ramblings of an Idiot: The PlayStation Vita Edition

What’s this all about?

As you may well know, recently I decided to purchase a PlayStation Vita. I am not entirely sure why. The catalogue doesn’t really stand out to me, I never use my PlayStation 3 and I didn’t see many opportunities to game on the go. But I own everything else, so why not? Why not make it a console “full house”? I had no answer to those questions so on a whim I ordered the FIFA 13 bundle from Shopto.net (go check the site out its pretty damn great)


What's in the box?

The bundle I ordered came with a 4GB memory card (which is pretty damn useless), the handheld console itself, some AR cards (which I am yet to use, and probably will never use), A code for the digital version of FIFA 13 and all associated cables to charge and connect the system to the PC/Playstation 3. The first thing that hit me was that the pack in stuff was kind of lacking. Where is the awesome charging stand that I got with my 3ds or the neat little pouch to put the handheld in when I am on the move like I got with my original PSP? Hell I didn’t even get a cloth to wipe my grubby little finger prints off of the touch screen.

The system, tell us about the system?

The first thing that hit me about the Playstation Vita was the beautiful 5 inch oled screen. Its big, for a system this size anyway. And it looks beautiful, bright enough to use outside without any problems (at least for me so far). As far as I am aware the screen resolution is 960x544 which isn’t exactly as good as say an iPhone 4 screen but believe me the games still look amazing. Like many iOS devices the screen is also a multitouch, touch screen. It really baffled me that the 3ds didn’t decide to go with multi touch so its really nice to see that Sony has used it in their device.

The Vita also has a touch panel on the back. To be honest this is a huge pain in the arse. I catch it all the time with my fingers and to be honest its pretty useless. In games such as FIFA 13 where the option to turn it off is given that is my default choice.

Control wise the Vita is very similar to the Playstation 3 gamepad. You have your 4 face buttons (triangle, X, blah, blah) 2 analogue sticks (that don’t push in, so no L3, R3 action) and a D-pad that is very similar to a dual shocks. I love the familiar layout and I don’t see how sony can ever change this now. I do however dislike how there is only 2 shoulder buttons. I would have loved it if Sony had managed to find a way to fit L2 and R2 buttons in there somewhere. It probably wouldn’t have been that ergonomic for a handheld, but I dunno 4 shoulder buttons just feels right nowadays. I also wish the shoulder buttons would have been analogue (like the PS3 and Xbox). It just makes it so much easier for throttle control in racing games and feels so much better (for me at least).

The final flaw I have with the system is the memory management. No onboard memory, this seems really cheap. Especially now in the days where my phone has 16GB of memory and no SD card at all. The fact that Sony is making you pay over the odds for their own memory card format is disgusting. You need the memory too. With games coming in at 4 gigs a pop a small card just won't cut it. You pretty much have to shell out another £70 for a 32GB card. Rip off!

So online on handhelds, not really a big thing right?

Download speeds on the Playstation 3 are shitty to say the least. It seems to me, in fact I know that the Playstation Vita’s speeds are a damn site better. Like mentioned above games are around 4GB in size and speeds seem comparable to Steam or Xbox live. Which is awesome because I have downloaded every game that I own so far. That is mainly thanks to Playstation Plus. The Playstation Vita has really justified my PS+ purchase. Having an instant game library of 9 or so games is amazing and a new game every month, Awesome. Seeing as we are talking about the internet capabilities of this system, I suppose its worth mentioning the online gameplay. So I have only really played FIFA 13 online so far and the gameplay is really laggy and at some points unplayable. I really hope this isn’t the similar in other Vita games but I guess only time will tell.

So what can I do with this thing?

Allot of the software on the Vita is pretty generic, You know youtube, probably netflix and all your other music and video services. That has no interest to me on this type of screen. The web browser is pretty basic and useless too. Definitely not my first choice while I always have an iPhone handy.

What is interesting though is the base level system software. Stuff like Near, an app that lets you know what gamers are in your vicinity and what those people have been playing recently. The content manager lets you move games and apps from your Playstation Vita to your Playstation 3 or PC which can be handy with the limited space you have available even on the biggest memory card. Another interesting app is remote play which lets you stream certain PS3 games onto your vitas screen. I originally didn’t see a big use for this but I have been using it every so often to stream games to my vita while I watch TV on my big screen. There is also a basic party chat and group messaging app.

I also much prefer the Vitas “bubble” home screen layout than the X media bar of the Playstation 3 and PSP. It just seems a lot more intuitive especially with the touch screen.

Enough fannying about already, talk about games

I currently own 7 original Vita games. Those being Persona 4 Golden, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Metal Gear Solid HD, Mortal Kombat, Gravity Rush, FIFA 13 and Wipeout 2048. I also own 4 Playstation 1 classics. Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus, Crash Bandicoot, Final Fantasy VII and Rayman.

I have only really played 3 of those games enough to properly talk about


Wipeout 2048

was the first game that I got into. I have never played a Wipeout game before and I have to say I really enjoyed this game initially. The further on I played the more tedious the game became though. There is very little to no variety in the game which is a real shame because the sense of speed and chaos was really fun at the start.

The second game was


I have only really put about an hour into this game but it seems solid. Whether Uncharted works on a small screen is yet to be seen for me but I love all 3 PS3 games so bring it on.

The game that I have been putting most of my time into though is

Persona 4 Golden

. This game is amazing. I think I have put about 20 hours into the game so far and I don’t even think I have scratched the surface. I haven’t played a good JRPG since Final Fantasy X and this is an awesome JRPG. Believe me. The integration of a social system that also aids you level up your characters is great. That addition means that like other JRPG’s Persona 4 isn’t one big grind fest. The story, although it is kinda dumb as hell it’s actually pretty interesting. Wow who would have thought that I would like a game where 50% of what you do is talking to people and maintaining relationships. I fucking hate talking to people it's such a ball ache. Somehow Persona makes that fun.

So when all’s said and done, What do you think

I really like the Vita and have been shocked by how much I use the thing. I don’t know if thats just my Persona 4 addiction though, only time will tell. The games look great, not quite as smooth as Playstation 3 graphics but a damn site better than last generation consoles. Its actually really impressive. Whether the handheld is worth the money aaaah, I’m not too sure. I would either wait for a price drop or maybe wait to see what the Playstation 4 compatibility is like. Hopefully the PS4 will better integrate the handheld and console experience. Just imagine raiding a “dungeon” in Bungies new game Destiny on the Playstation 4 at home then carrying on the same save file on your way to work on your Vita. I hear that MGS HD allows that with its dumb ass trasfarring mode so I should probably check that out.

So if you didn’t get that I like this thing but erm maybe not enough to justify a £200 purchase (£280 IF YOU WANT TO ACTUALLY HOLD GAMES ON THE THING).


My Crazy Weekend Drinking and Shooting.

Me Shooting Shit
Me Shooting Shit

Last weekend was a pretty crazy weekend for me. It was a close friend's birthday and we all decided to make our way up to Newcastle to celebrate.Newcastle for those of you that don’t know is a city in the North East of England (about 4 hours drive from where I live). I would love to say its a nice city to visit but I honestly don’t know. We saw little of the city itself. Mainly the inside of a Travelodge and multiple bars and clubs.

Before we took part in the local night life though we decided to partake in a couple activities. Quad biking and Clay Pigeon shooting. To set the scene, it was around midday and me and 7 friends pulled up on a farm in Durham. Met a couple of blokes and paid them a fair amount of money for the days activities. First of all Quad Biking. We all suited up and rolled around for an hour or so spraying each other with mud and nearly killing ourselves ragging the small 4 wheelers round country lanes and tight corners.

The thing that I was more interested in though was the shooting, having played first person shooters for as long as I can remember. Never really thinking about what it would be actually like to handle a gun. This exercise really interested me. Would any knowledge picked up from gaming help me in any way while shooting a real gun or are all shooters just full of bullshit and would I know nothing at all in how to handle this weapon in front of me. I think the answer is pretty obvious. I had no clue. I didn’t know that a shotgun had to be horizontal while cocking it. I never actually knew how accurate a shotgun could be. In games if a target is even an arms length away from you, you have no bloody chance of hitting it with a shotgun so why in real life while clay pigeon shooting did these guns feel extremely accurate to me. I also expected more of a kick from the guns. Where in all honesty I didn’t really feel too much at all. All in all this was really fun for me. It is nothing like it is shown in gaming and there are allot more technical steps to shooting a gun than what is shown in Call of Duty or Halo. All in all though I did pretty well, hitting a majority of the targets and even beating out a soldier from the British Armed Forces. I think that may be partly down to gaming. The hand eye coordination picked up while playing games surely at least contributed to the skill shown on the day. I found clay pigeon shooting a hell of allot of fun and hope to do it again some day. I also urge anyone who plays games on the regular to try shooting a real gun at least once. It is a real experience and will change the way you look at shooters and guns in games.

Capping off the weekend was a hell of allot of drinking in the great city that is Newcastle. We as a group have been to a fair amount of places on nights out and I have to say Newcastle didn’t disappoint. Getting back into the hotel at 4 and not getting back to bed and our own room till 7. All I will say is the weekend was fun. A lot of fun.

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20/01/2013 - opinion has changed....slightly

Not another one of these?

Yep Another week another blog. I hope last weeks was in the least slightly interesting. I am planning to stick to a similar format for the time being at least. If anyone has any constructive criticism I honestly welcome it. This is the first thing I have ever done that involves writing in any kind of form and I am looking to hone my skills so please let me know if you have any ideas to make this blog better in any way. Enough with the bull shit, lets get on with this.

Whatcha playin?

If you read last week you will know that I have been playing Dishonoured and I wasn’t too sure about the game. Well guys good news. I have piled a fair bit of time into the game in the past week and my opinion has changed....slightly. Mere hours before sitting down to write this up I played the last 2 levels of the game and completed it with low chaos, therefore getting the better of the two endings. Saying that, the thing that changed my mind on the game was when I stopped worrying about my chaos level. Last week I played the game worrying, in the back of my mind always thinking if I kill this guy I won't get the better ending. Take my advice people, fuck that. Play the game in whatever way you enjoy and don’t worry about your chaos.

I found the most fun in approaching the levels like a puzzle, using blink and dark vision to get around enemies without being seen and to be honest that was hell of fun.

The game as a whole though is really short. My final time on steam counts it at 5 hours. That is with me basically mainlining the game. Not following the side mission, just making my way to the main objective killing my target and fucking off as quick as possible back to the boat.

So yeah as you can tell in the end I generally kind of liked this game. I wouldn’t recommend it as a buy to anyone, maybe just rent it. If you do though stick with it the first hour or 2 is kind of slow but after that the last 3 or 4 become kinda fun.

Anything Else?

  • Guardians of Middle Earth - Downloaded this as one of this months playstation plus titles. I don’t like MOBA games and I fucking hate Lord of the rings. I can't say that I am expecting much from this game. I played through the tutorial and tried to get in a game. Sat and waited ten minutes and fuck all. I will probably give it another go later this week.
  • Guild Wars 2 - Finally started the game. I actually bought it when it was released and never actually touched it. I decided to roll a human elementalist. I have so far played about an hour and the game seems pretty good. I am not really a big MMO fan but I loved the original so I can't wait to pack a bit more time into this.

What have I been watching?

Last week I mentioned for some fucked up reason that I have no clue of, that I started watching the fourth season of Prison Break. My god is that season bad. I just feel an obligation to finish up the story. Even after the god knows how many years break from season 1,2 and 3. I have always wondered how it all ended. Well now I know and even though the season as a whole is pretty damn shite, the film that caps it all off is really good, in my opinion. It brings it all back to a, well a prison break again. Yeah the reason Sara is locked up is full of bullshit but the events that pass after that moment in the film are actually kind of awesome. So I guess watching the fourth season wasn’t a total waste of my time.

Anything else happened?

Erm not really. A lot of work, Dishonoured and Gym. Yeah I finally hit up a proper regulated gym schedule. I decided to go 3 times a week and during those session I do 20 minutes cardio (usually running), 20 minutes weight training and then a further 10 minutes cardio. When I am not at the gym I am trying to find time to hit up a few push ups and sit ups at home too. I honestly don’t know too much about working out and getting fit so any help from the community would be met with thanks. I am not looking to get hench I just want to lose a little weight and tone up. So yeah guys if you have any ideas how I can change my plan please butt in with comments.

The End

With dishonoured done I am left wondering what game next? I did Pick up DmC this week. I also have Xcom, Sleeping Dogs and Hotline Miami on my backlog.

Again thanks for reading, any constructive criticism is welcome.