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It's Time To Get Salty, ver. 2013

Grand theft what?

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  • An absolutely fantastic JRPG, truly carrying on the legacy of FFV and Four Heroes of Light before it. A challenging game, requiring you to repeatedly rethink your strategy and change jobs, skills, and equipment. I have not played a game like this in years. Note: Not yet released in NA, played on a Japanese 3DS

  • MH4 continues a series of excellent games. While I initially balked at playing on a 3DS, the controls felt fluid and perfectly adapted after a few hours (out of hundreds)

  • I have only broke down crying at the end of one video game. This is that video game. Beautiful. The use of environmental design, stunning voice acting, and discovery based storytelling come together to form a brilliant narrative about each character in the game.

  • Perhaps also known as "The bayonetta/metal gear rising that no one played"

  • A game which provides an excellent take on the real-time-pause combat of yore, nearly every encounter in the game is unique, interesting, and requires you to re-think your strategy, character, and skill choices.

  • The fucking L trigger, brother.

  • Continuing the stunning atmosphere of Zeno Clash, another unforgettable game.