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Medal of Honor

The first time that I stormed the beaches of Normandy in Medal of Honor Frontline I was amazed. Frontline was the first MOH game I played, and probably the only one that I've enjoyed since. While the new medal of honor games have all been fine games, they have failed to differentiate themselves from all of the other WW2 first-person shooters in the world. Medal of Honor had it's time in the spot light during Frontline and Allied Asault, but the WW2 FPS genre has just blown up with Medal of Honor imitations, and Medal of Honor just hasn't evolved enough.


Review of Reviews: IGN's Review of Geometry Wars 2

(note: that this was totally ripped from a forum post I put up in the "8.3" topic of the Geometry Wars 2 forum; thus, it may seem a bit weird. If I do more critiques of videogame reviews I will definently try to make them see more professional. If any of you think that I took this idea from Kotaku...your right...)

OK....So right now I would go into a big rant about how IGN is the worst website that has ever existed. Their reviews are totally biased, most highly anticipated games they give high scores to (totally disregarding the actually quality of the product), and all of their editors are satans spawn. However, I will save that for a blog and focus on the Geometry Wars 2 review. So yeah, as stated before, they said that deadline mode is 5 minutes instead of 3, which is a big mistake. Also, like most of their video reviews, the whole video seemed to have had a very dissappointed tone, even though it recieved a favorable score. And of course, it would not be an IGN review without some sort of paradoxal, and the IGN review totally delivers with:  "Retro Evolved 1 had a single mode that was deep enough to hold gamers over for a good year. Retro Evolved 2 comes with six modes, in large part because none of them have quite the same level of depth to match the original on their own." So yeah, that "single mode that was deep enough to hold gamers over for a good year" is called Evolved AND IT IS IN GEOMETRY WARS TWO YOU FUCKING DOUCHEBAG! And last but not least there was one thing about this review that really caught my eye. The inconsistency between the video review and the text review. The text review stated that Star Dust HD is better than the one Evolved mode in GW2; however, the video review stated that Star Dust HD was a better game than Geometry Wars 2. Leaving some poor lost soul who actually trusts IGN to buy Star Dust HD instead of Geometry Wars 2, in the circumstance that they only watched the video review. So...with all of these fallacies and mistakes, it almost makes it seemslike IGN totally rushed this review just so they would be able to release it in close proximity of Geometry Wars 2 release...hmmmm

BTW IGN also totally missed the whole point of Geometry Wars 2 LEADERBOARDS. Not once did they mention how freaking adictive online friends leadeboards are in Geometry Wars 2...I don't know maybe thats too opinionated but still...they should have at least mentioned leaderboards...

The Review gets a 2/5 just because of how tired Hilary Goldstein sounded during the video review...and also the dude's name is Hilary...so I would kinda feel bad giving it a 1/5