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I wanna be the guy!!!


So i can tear his fucking head off! 
I woke up this morning after what was probably the most overly hyped (and by proxy, crushingly boring and disappointing) Boxing match for a long time! 
Over in the Uk we have 3 boxers that get the mainstream attention :- Ricky Hatton ; David Haye and Audley Harrison 
Hattons pretty much vanished into nowhere since his good old Cocaine Mountain adventure, leaving the other 2 to be the mainstays of the sport for the nation. 
  So it was inevitable at some point in an attempt to drum up a spectacle , they were going to have to fight eachother!   

Now anyone worth their money was plotting on Haye to absolutely kill harrisson, who's only claim to anything is "I was a good olympic boxer"   
Whereas Haye, the sky is the limit for that lad! 
So last night we sat in a dingy old pub, having payed extra for the privilege of watching the fight IN FULL 3D 
Spoilers to follow :- 
Seriously, all the 3d glasses did was :- 
  1. Make the ropes look like they were sellotaped onto the front of the tv!
  2. Make my friend look like jeff goldblum

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We got there 4 hours before the fight, making sure we got a seat, for a good month or so this fight has been being billed as the biggest of the decade, everyone was there, we were lucky to get a seat despite our pre-emptive strike!  So naturally we need to drink, a lot, before the fight begins. 
Fast forward four hours, at least double that in beers and a handful of shots in between and i am well and truly trolleyed! especially taking into account i haven't drunk for well over a month because of Kidney stones! (though that's a story for another time!) 
So the countdown for the fight is finally happening,t he fighters enter the ring, this is it! the moment we have been waiting for! and then!!!!!!!! 
For two rounds they sit and stare at eachother and occasionally pretend they want to hit eachother - though for 2 rounds, no one actually throws a punch!!  
I have money riding on the 7th round being the one to contain a Haye Knockout, so even if the show is lacklustre, im more than happy for it t ride out a little longer 
Then in the 3rd round, this happens 

And that was it, game over, good night vienna! the jig was up!  
4+ hours of drinking for 5 minutes of nothing, then the softest technical knockout i've ever seen, i was angry, drunk and disappointed, but mostly drunk! 
So we carried on drinking for the next 6 hours and i stumbled home past 5am, and woke up nice and early, hung over as hell. 
So by now if you are still reading, you are probably wondering what this has to do with SMB or IWBTG - well the kicker is that my ps3 is dying a death, and the last port of call before it gets replaced, is me performing a total system restore on it, a process that takes upwards of 5 hours, so i decided the perfect sunday hangover cure was to let the ps3 sort itself out while i played super meat boy! 
No harm there, so bottle of water and sick bowl in hand i booted up the 360 and within 10 minutes had found a warp zone, It was the kid, i had heard legend of its taxing difficulty, and i was in no state to take it on, but i perservered 
I was greeted with this 

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I wept, i cried, but as i had 4 hours remaining til my ps3 was operational i stuck at it. 
I eventually finished the first level of the set after about 2 hours, and that sucked, because it meant i had to stick at it now, no matter how pissed off i got - maybe an hour into the 2nd level i beat that too - and it wasn't long before level 3 lay at my feet - half an hour after my ps3 was ready. 
Of course the ps3 was still fucked, i still need to replace it, and im still hungover - but at least i unlocked the kid, But the level designer? fuck that guy, hes an asshole!