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Thanks for the good suggestions.

To be clear, this isn't me forcing games on her. My wife has expressed an interest in trying games but the genres I play don't seem to click with her, hence my question. We also play a decent handful of boardgames and she specifically asked to play Journey. I'm just trying to find some interesting experiences for her to enjoy. Nothing nefarious, promise.

I think Abzu will be next, although Life is Strange might be a good alternative. Will have to see if either grab her.

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Hey duders,

I've been running a 2 year long mission to get my wife to enjoy gaming more. She used to play some older games, but is interested in trying some more modern titles. We started with Overcooked which she enjoyed but got frustrated in later levels. Recently I got her to play through all of Journey which she enjoyed but there were some parts that she got frustrated and I had to take over in some spots.

Are there any other games that you guys could suggest that are casual(ish) in the controls and complexity?

EDIT: Firstly, thanks for all the constructive responses and suggestions. I have a nice list of games for us to try out over the holidays. Also, to be very specific: my wife played some games before I met her and has consistently asked me over the last couple years to recommend her new games. I have been trying my best but as mentioned she has found some aspects of the games I recommended frustrating. Finally, I appreciate all the concerns around having a 'healthy relationship' but it's not what I'm looking for nor is it helpful.