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onlineatron: Wishlist

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  • Pre-ordered; Day one purchase!

  • Pre-ordered.. need £10 and then... Day one purchase!

  • Been on my radar for sometime, but never really massively excited for it.....Until now.

    Christmas Purchase :D

  • Never played PC original, loved xbox version...intrigued by this :)

  • With GeOW being one of my surprise favourites of 2006, I can't wait for this as it looks only to expand on the awesomeness* of the orginal.

    Day one purchase!

    *yes it's a word....sort of =P

  • Resistance: FOM was the first game I truely enjoyed on PS3 and perhaps one of the best to grace the console so far.

    If I have the money....Day one purchase!

  • Never had the chance to play orginals as N64 games always seemed too expensive for me.

    This looks promising. Platforming games are some of my favourites (Jak & Daxter, Rachet etc...)

  • I'm all one for games that try something different. The momentum based game play looks top notch in ME.

    Also, finally a multi-plat game which lead platform is the PS3 :D

  • A great looking Wii game. Could be another surprise hit along the lines of No More Heroes.

  • Loved POP:sands of time. Enjoyed POP:warrior within. Never played POP: the two thrones.

    This new Prince of Persia looks fantastic. The art direction is absoloutely amazing and gameplay looks right up there with previous installments as well.

  • Certain mechanics in this game intrigue me. For example; the game director - which controls the difficulty of the game based on your performance.

    I will get this game probably, if I get a xbox HDD, headset and live membership.

  • Absolutely adore the first 2 DS castlevania games (portrait of ruin being my favourite).

    With a bit of a mix up to the standard formula, this could be set to be the definitive Castlevania experience!

  • What can I say.... I'm a PS3 owner. The first two ps2 GOW games were some of the best games on the platform (with the ps2, that's saying something). The PSP Chains of Olympus was an amazing handheld experience.

    Excuse while i break into an un-characteristic fan boy rant...

    ..OMFG THIS IS TEH SHIZ GOW FTW!!!..... yeah

  • Whilst I haven't heard glowing reports from beta users, I want this game for the headset.

    PS3 is in desperate need of a universally used headset (in vein with XBL), and this Official bluetooth headset seems to fit the bill perfectly.