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Chains of Olympus does not dissapoint. 2

When I first got CoO I had read heaps of Gamespot and IGN revews saying how dissapointing this game was, so when I got it I had my doubts. But when I started playing CoO those doubts vanished. I will tell you why...Like all God of wars so far there is a complex and intriguing story, it is a lot more focused on Kratos's past and family like the first God of War game. This game is set before the first two games where Kratos is a servant of the Gods of Olympus, and is still trying to rid himself of...

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Syphon Filter Dark Mirror. 0

This game is hard to describe.If I had to discribe it in one word it would be surprising.When I got Dark Mirror, I was expecting a short, no storyed, broken PsP game that would keep me occupied for a few hours.But when I started playing, I could not stop.The gameplay was awesome. It was simple, and great fun. It is like Metal Gear solid for the PsP (even though Metal Gear Solid is on the PsP) for it was a cross between stealth and combat. You can choose if you want to eliminate a guard silently ...

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Mercenaries 2. 1

This game is the bomb.It is like the first one ( Mercinaries, Playground of Destruction) but a lot better, the map is bigger, there are more enemys, more guns, more add-ons and more explosions.I honestly do not know why Gamespot rated this game so low. It is a great game and I shall tell you why...So the story. You are in Venesuala and you are on a contract, Mr Solano wants you to get a general carmona out of prison to stage a military coup, and with the promise of cash, you accept. So you end u...

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Shodow of Rome. 1

This game can be discribed using one word, gory.It is one of the best gladiator games ever created. and I will tell you why.This game is good becuase it combines stealth, with fighting, with thinking.There is an exelent story in Shodow of Rome. It is set in the waning days of the Roman republic where Julius Caesar is murdered. In this game you play as 2 characters. Agrippa, a big blury centurion gone gladiator with an oddly high voice, and Octavianus, who is a thin wiry boy and the late Caesars ...

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