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Multiplayer co-op in a limited social circle

Looking at E3 this year, it's obvious that many games, especially AAA ones, are making multiplayer co-op a major feature. This has presened me with a pretty big dilemma because I play mostly singleplayer games and barely have any friends anymore.

I spent a couple of months a decade ago playing Neverwinter Nights with the same group of friends, but have rarely had any interest in competitive Multiplayer or MMOs since then. I tried WOW, but didn't like it and recently thought about getting into GTAV online but lost interest after I heard about all of the issues it had (GTAV thoroughly scratched my itch for GTA by the time I had finished it anyway).

I have never been into shooters that much and the ones I like best (like the Half-Life games, STALKER and the Darkness) usually haven't even had a multiplayer component. I did try

When I first got a 360, I got a year of XBOXLive Gold, but used it so little I didn't renew after it ran out. I even ended up playing games like Dark Souls 1 & 2 and Mass Effect 3 without ever being online.

I have enjoyed a few multiplayer games, but they rarely keep my interest for longer than a few hours. I liked the Idea of Day Z, but got bored of it quickly. I liked the Riddick multiplayer OK and played some stuff like Left4Dead, but these don't hold my attention like a well designd singleplayer game would.

In the 10 or 15 years that multiplayer has been growing, my circle of friends has really dwindled. On top of that, probably only a couple of people I know IRL are even getting consoles this gen and we all have pretty full schedules which makes it hard to coordinate. I used to like playing fighting games at home and sometimes playing split-screen in games like Splinter Cell, Gears Of War or Portal 2. I prefer network play to split-screen anyway, but between conflicting schedules & distance, it's rare for us to have visitors these days.

I was tempted by Dragon Quest's move toward more multiplayer-focused gameplay but never tried IX because I had no one to play it with and I still don't know if I'll get the chance to play X.

I'm interested in the Division and Rainbow Six Siege. I've fallen away from Assassin's Creed since Brotherhood, but I like the look of Unity and I think Far Cry 4 looks amazing. I'm even thinking of getting into the Destiny alpha/beta/whatever even though I don't like Halo much.

Should I just avoid these games or do I have to get out and make a whole new group of friends to play these with? I could probably play something like Assassin's Creed with my wife or nephew, but we share the same console, so that doesn't help much. I can just jump into stuff like the Division and play with strangers, but I feel like I'm missing out on the experience of playing with a squad of friends like I had with Neverwinter.

What do you think about the move away from singleplayer in the AAA games of this generation?