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#1  Edited By Oyasamii

I really struggle to feel anything but satisfaction from the events of the last few days, even though I haven’t invested anything.

It’s fair to worry about retirement funds amidst a situation like this, but this entire situation was created by billionaires actively trying to fuck over GME stock in the first place. They were already betting on GME stocks to fall low enough that they can make money off it, which IMO is more disrespectful and scummy than anything that this mob is doing. GME stocks would be worth $0-1 right now if the hedge funds had their way. Also I would imagine GME stocks aren’t a large part of most peoples portfolios but idk, I’m not investing, I could be completely wrong about that.

Of course this isn’t going to last forever. Of course Wall Street is going to do everything in its power to shut this down and this probably won’t happen for another decade or so, but the amount of people I’ve seen posting “finally able to afford my sisters Lyme treatment”, or “gonna be able to afford a motorcycle for my dad, I’m crying right now” or “went to the store with my gains and bought 10 Switches to donate to local children’s hospitals”, etc. is instantly more positive than anything the people that manipulate stocks as a career have ever done, and it makes me happy to see something like this do good for once, rather than adding another decimal point to a Wall Street traders savings.

If I had to think of a downside it’s that I’m sure they’re going to (unfairly IMO) crack down on retail investors out of spite, and make it harder for a normal person to make ANY money from the system, even though it’s the same thing that’s been happening for decades but reversed, because they can’t accept even sharing a sliver of the pie.