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TWEWY sounds morbid, but don't let that scare you away. 0

Square-Enix is hailed for its superb RPG’s, and for good reason. They created and maintain several highly praised franchises spanning many sequels. But now we have The World Ends With You (TWEWY). It’s an all-new original property and it’s a great beginning in hopefully another top-notch franchise. Being a Japanese RPG TWEWY naturally has a somewhat targeted audience. Those of you who enjoy Western RPG’s may be missing out if they decide to skip TWEWY. While it is still very much an RPG rooted i...

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Bioshock raises the bar for deep first-person experiences. 0

2K has done a fantastic job with Bioshock; their efforts to create a FPS, lite RPG and adventure game hybrid have paid off. Unfortunately it's only available for the PC and the Xbox 360 however. I have not played it on the PC but both games are the same content wise. Bioshock is also a single-player game only but the case says it has XBL functionality. I think this is a mistake as there is no online component in the game. I do believe that 2K should of made the game for all platforms though, bec...

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