I had fun at least.

      Mindless, selfish fun. Sitting in front of my TV, putting hours into a game I was having fun with. To my surprise, the games I liked are not great! They get put on list as the worst games ever. Regarded as the sad attempt at a creator for duping players. Well, at least I was having fun with them.

List items

  • Bold statement to put a series that doesn't deviate from the formula as being entertaining, but there's a reason I put this particular game on the list. One of my first game on the PS2 and I could not put it down. What could you ask for an experience? A central plot that altered with 3 factions, and even more so with one of the many warriors of each group. A variation of the title music and ending, and best of all: Weapons!

    All the characters had special powers and Mosou attacks, but what I loved and kept playing was that each weapon evolved! That lowly spear evolved into a massive lighting striking, combo increasing, devastator. The enemies were dumb for the most part, but did you really want enemies getting out of the way from your ballet of strikes?

    It's basically a powerful beat 'em up, but what interested me is that the game was based off real events and real people. Of course, it's exaggerated and accurate events are for you to figure out, but I really looked up The Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Guan Yu.

    I encompass all of the Warrior franchises with this alongside the Samurai Warriors, because Ninjas man, and Gundam. One really cool franchise I'm looking forward to is the Warriors of Troy. Hopefully more intelligent AI and Bloodshed, but I still want all the overpowered nonsense that exist in the games.

  • Mass hysteria. I was given the chance to play this game without the condemnation this game has received and I can be honest, its dumb. I don't mean that in a bad way, its just that there's nothing to think about. But swarming bodies of people and the controls to chaos give you some liberties to cause anarchy, makes you want to break something. The missions were confining, but served to ventilate all the energy you used smashing people with sandwich boards.

  • Confined corridors, short levels, and a infuriating bug that made the characters flopped to death bogged this game. The beautiful visuals, entertaining story and upgradable fighting skill bring it up a bit.

  • A winner in my eyes, I went in just as everyone, hoping this game was just as good as the original. I too had been presented a character that can swing as a form of transportation and cause most of the damage by using his arm, and lucky for me I was in a position to play the game for free. I was enthralled by the swinging, the slamming of enemies and picking up things and tossing them. I came in to talk with my friends and couldn't be happier, I had found faults but not enough to deter me. I talked with another friend who asked me about the ending (and at the time I was being wishful)and I tried to defend it. Later on this game was sitting on a hook, waiting to be eaten alive. You can believe a man has a mechanical arm, why stop there? By the way the ending was silly.