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Indiana is quick with his whip, but Sean's quicker with Whiskey. 0

         Cherry blossoms are regarded as being at their most radiant, right before they fall off the tree. A belief that shows that even though the end is near, leaving a mark on the world is the best thing to do. Right before Pandemic Studios closed, makers of the Mercenaries franchise, the last title they were working on was The Saboteur. A free-roaming WWII game that dropped the FPS association, and mixed in cinematic elements with everything sandbox gaming has produced.             Sean De...

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The Concrete Jungle 0

 Controlling a character that maneuvers environments with the skill of the animal he is named by and a partner who you occasionally carry but is not a burden should have been magnificent, but in the grand scale only come close. The handful of homage from Journey to the West come from character names and destination. A girl named Tripitaka, Trip for short, is captured by a slave ship and manages to both escape and enslave a guy named Monkey with a headband that will kill him if he disobeys her. T...

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Detective Alonzo Harris Said It Best 0

 From start to finish, this is a tale of revenge… for a butt cheek. Mattias Nilsson gets contracted to infiltrate a compound and liberate a captured general. Job done and for his trouble he gets a bullet lodged in his ass. Not taking this sitting down, for obvious reason, Nilsson accumulates throughout the game enough arsenal to start his own army. Could be because he got betrayed, or could be because he gets what he deserves, either way Mattias won't stop till he gets payback. A story of reve...

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Neon Brawler 0

            Intro movie starts off with a full rendered CG movie where ninjas dive bomb out of planes, running over rooftops. A young girl is making her way through a lovely city to arrive at a bar. The bouncer seems scary being tall with horns and piercings, but they give each other warm smiles. Inside the bar its pretty empty and the other bouncers are relaxing. The young girl makes her way to the hooded bouncer leaning on his chair and we find out that the girl is Dominique and she's giving a...

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