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pretty damn good 0

+this game could win story of the year..  +graphics are pretty impressive, the draw distance seems to go on forever and there really isn't any framerate issues..  -+it plays well enough.. sometimes the auto aim can be a little weird... but blasting dudes is satisfying.  -i ran into a few weird glitches... i had to restart a chapter one time because my save file wouldn't load.. and other annoying things.. nothing totally game breaking though. but i havn't seen anything weird on my second play thr...

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i seem to be the minority here... 10

    i'm going to try and bring up every good and every bad thing about this game. i've never seen a game get so ram-sacked without it really deserving it. yes i did buy this but that honestly is not going to factor into this. i will not be biased. i like aliens and i like predators. i'm not a hardcore fan and the 2 don't always go good together, (the movies sucked balls, well at least the first one did) but they're cool. ok. Graphics- this is one of the better looking games that i've seen this y...

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