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People of Wal-Mart...My God, what's wrong with us?

I was paging through Destructoid today and I came across a link to this site.
There's really not much to say other than...Wow, just wow.  I admit I shop at Wal-Mart on occasion, however I don't think I've ever seen anything as disturbing (and humorous) as some of the photos displayed on this site.  I have seen some odd things myself at Wal-Mart and maybe even one of two sights which had me turn away momentarily, but nothing to rival the "individuality" pictured here.  
I was trying to figure out how to post some images here and not feel I am being cruel, but there is no way around it in this case.  If you are interested in seeing the decline and fall of Western civilization, then check out a few below and then travel to the site for more...self-expression.

I only went through the first 100 of 186 posted pages.