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Team Fortress 2- the definative online shooter. 0

I bought Team Fortress 2 on a 33% off Steam weekend, hoping it would be a bit of fun for AU$20, but instead it has pulled me away from Call of Duty 4 and become my favourite online game. The 9 classes each play completely differently, meaning boredom is very hard to find.Valve are releasing excellent content packs for each class, featuring a bunch of achievements to unlock 3 new weapons, so far Medic and Pyro have been released, with Heavy set to come next.The game runs brilliantly on my 8800GT ...

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SSBB- A true sucessor to the excellent Melee. 0

Super Smash Bros. Brawl was the game I bought a Wii for, and it has not let me down, there is a great roster of characters, and some of the new additions are truly great (here's looking at you Pit and Meta Knight!) and fun to play, the characters animations are definitely top notch, a big improvement on melee.The sound is great, with a seemingly endless amount of game music, all very nostalgic. The loading times are massive compared to what I expected, and along with the gimped random online fea...

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