The Launch of Giant Bomb and its Awesomeness

This is gonna be a great week. I got to see The Dark Knight which was nothing less than amazing, the joker and two face were stunning and left me speechless. But I also got to become a member of the best gaming site in the world on launch week, Giant Bomb. This site takes me back to the glory days of Gamespot. With all these great guys. I truly feel like I can have a quality experience here. I loved the podcasts so far, its jammed pack with content and they are hilarious. Also the browse part of it seems cooled. Its filled with tons of information on characters, game franchicses, game companies. I probobly haven't even scratched the surface in content. Well I just wanted to write a short blog for my enthusiasm about this site. I'll be back writing more blogs sometime later.

Go see The Dark Knight

Phillipo OUT!