Giant Bomb Quest System!

Omg, best idea ever. It's like a giant scavenger hunt... WITH ACHIEVEMENTS! I can't even begin to say how much of a great idea this is, I just hope they keep adding new quests every so often, maybe a few every week or a bunch a month. 
I'll definately be trying to complete every quest and get all those sweet icons. Giantbomb feeding my OCD even more now. Also this writing this is going to earn me some xp! Level 5 baby!

Triple post!

Status update didn't seem to update straight away, not sure if it is ment to or not. Any who, just updated with something else and went to this page, and my status is still the same, we'll see if it will change or if I'll snap and post my status until it shows.

Listening to Endurance Run Part 95, don't really have to watch, it's some grinding but listening to the conversations about hotdogs, wii shooters, Dynasty Warriors and more is making it quite interesting. Little preview of the eventual review of Fuel in there aswell. Pre-loading episode 96 right now aswell.

The main reason I'm adding another entry to this blog is to say sorry for the stall in production on my guide for Golden Axe: Beast Rider. I started playing some Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts on the side, except the side quickly became the main and pretty much pushed Golden Axe way out. I'm enjoying it too much to go back to Golden Axe so I think there will be a little pause until I get done with it. I spose it goes without saying that I highly recommend Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.

Other than that, still boosting Gears, although thats slowed a bit aswell, finally got my last weapon achievement (The Hammer of Dawn one) so its just a couple of thousand kills needed now, which translates into quite a few more ten's of hours *sigh*, atleast im nearly there.


Bored... I'll show myself in.


I make myself sick, the things you do for fun while boosting gears - seriously... I've been slowly making progress, 700 odd kills every weekend, 60-90 every few weekdays. If you're wanting to get the achievement yourself send a FR to the gamer tag "GearsOfWarPpl". Everyone on there is wanting to boost, if you want to get a party going you'll find willing participants in there. I just play what I play and when I get an invite I switch to gears.

I'm working on my first guide at the moment, it's for Golden Axe: Beast Rider. Yeah I know, shut your mouth. It's not like I paid full price for it, and I'm trying to complete everything I own, slowly but surely which is why I'm boosting gears. The guides alright so far, it's a work in progress you can check it out if you want, 2 whole other people have. Yeah, the price of success is high.

I'm way behind on my games due to spending way to much time boosting lately. I got stuck into a few long, long boosts during the last year (Call of Duty 3, Army of Two, Gears of War, Farcry 2)  and some fairly decent lengthy ones (F.E.A.R., Condemned 2, The Outfit, The Darkness). Now that most of them are done, and some have the end in sight I can hopefully get started in on the pile of games I have waiting to be played.

Other than that nothing much to say, if you want to boost anything send me a message. If it's something quick I've got no problem helping. GT is Phr4nk0 same as my name here.

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