Best of 2018

The top 10 of a person who couldn't afford new games and just played Final Fantasy 14 all year

I only played DBFZ for 2 days. Sorry.

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  • There's still content constantly being made for this game, and I still keep playing it. As long as they keep making it I will keep playing it, and Yoshi P said they're gonna keep making it until people stop buying it.

    I look forward to playing Final Fantasy 14 until I die

  • I almost imported this game and played it in Japanese until basically being unemployed stopped me. I love anime bullshit, I love weird anime characters (except you) and I love good tactics. I just wish I didn't have to wait 10 years

    Lily Ashley marry me

  • I've been on this journey with my sweet boy Kiryu, punching tigers since those halycon days of 2006. He is perfect and precious and wonderful, but I must now say goodbye.

    The gameplay in Yakuza's never been great, but I'm not here for that shit. I'm here to start up a cat cafe, a baseball team, an anti-New Japan wrestler gang, and to hang out with my dork ass Yakuza dudes who are run by Beat Takeshi.

    The story is some wild dumb shit in ways that are good and bad, but it at least gives my sweet Yakuza prince Kiryu a proper, actual send-off where he literally walks off into the sunset

  • I love to wreck. I love to hang out at my friend's house at 4am after a nightmare flight and just watch him wreck even more than playing, honestly. Wreckfest is kinda great because all you do is absolutely trash cars and that's awesome?

    Wreckfest is just fun as hell to experience

  • I'm very into this game's music, style, and writing; It's charming and funny. Sometimes that's all I want.

  • All the same reasons Undertale is good. I'm lazy and not gonna talk again about why Undertale's good again

  • I try every gacha game and the drop rates always seem like shit so I never put money in and get bored right away

    In Dragalia I got 2 event characters and 2 top tier characters in my first 5 free pulls, so now I play this game on my commute and spent a little bit of money, so I guess they finally got me family

    Also Daoko man like come on

  • Everyone in this game is a giant shithead driving a big robot like a complete idiot would, and you can't do anything about it. I guess you can try using tactics, but Joe Dumbfuck blew up when instead of listening to you, he decided the enemy mech needed a punch in the dick after it shot him and ruined his vibes.

  • They just removed good features from 3 and 4 and the way they changed the classes for no reason still sucks and is dumb, but it's the closest thing to 4 I've gotten in years so I'll take it I guess. It's still fun.

    For real though what the fuck are you doing making 2 Battlefield games in a row without helicopters?

  • I played this game drunk with my friends twice and it was lots of fun. I liked the first game a lot when I was 9 and haven't liked one since so I wonder how much I actually like Smash and how much I just like drinking.

    Oh well number 10 baby

  • This is still a top 10 list

    Left 4 Dead is still fun ya'll

  • I just bought this and if I had played it more than 2 days I guarantee it would be like #3 cuz the fighting and music in this game is dope

  • I haven't played much of this game, but tactics good so it gets to be a +10 on my top 10 list

  • I'm going to buy this game tomorrow and I know I'm going to like it so it's going on this list

    This is still a top 10 list

  • I'm going to play this game this weekend and will say with 90% certainty I will like it

    Top 10 list