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COD4: Streamlined 4.0 0

SingleplayerCall of Duty 4's campaign is extremely short. I'll get that out of the way. In fact, I would have half a mind to not recommend this because of it's length, if not for the ridiculously streamlined gameplay, and amazing production values. You'll be gripping your controller from start to finish.It is very well balanced and the pacing is phenomenal, on par of a high-quality summer blockbuster. You'll never be in one place too long, and the game never outlives it's welcome. It is over in ...

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Halo 3: Excellence abound. 0

SingleplayerHalo 3's campaign is very short. Unacceptably short on easy, but acceptable on heroic+. But that's not to say it is bad. The campaign is ridiculously streamlined from start to finish, with an unprecedented level of polish rarely seen. Graphically it is superb, but not amazing. By no means amazing. Havok physics are incredible, and the bloom/HDR effects look great, but the textures and models don't compete with games like Gears and COD4.4 player co-op is amazing, and tons of fun. Forg...

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