EA New used games policy

Why is everybody making such a big deal on this new policy i mean what exactly is the whole point of the whole point of your arguements? that EA is being greedy? hell nah you know what you bought when you buy a used game? you bought everything inside that one disk but think about this did you buy the servers did you pay for the online expenses of ea did you pay for the free dlc they sometimes offer HELL NO! and people are taking this way out of context when it comes to renting the actual games since ea can simply give 20 days free online on the game or sell a version of the game that is meant to be rented at a higher price.  
Now instead of blaming EA and all these gaming companies who only wants to have more profit to be able to make their games and their online servers better why don't we blame the route of all this places like Gamestop or eBAY who doesn't give EA (or any other developer) any money to the sales of used games