Tinkering with Fate

24th of Last Seed:

Well, I'm not entirely sure what that was, but it was pretty fun in its own, strange way. Kally came up with this crazy idea to play some sort of imaginary game that involved role-playing and rolling dice. I won, of course, though she said you can't really "win" it, but whatever. We both know I was the best there.

Err... I suppose I should back up a bit. Okay, first off, Kally is Kalawyn -- a high elf I met in Winterhold. Wait, I guess I should back up more than that, huh?

It burns so good!
It burns so good!

Ahem! So yknow how I was freezing to death out in the middle of nowhere, right? Well, as it turns out I wasn't too far from Winterhold! Lemme rephrase that -- I was far enough to start incinerating my own flesh with Flames in a desperate attempt to ward off hypothermia, but close enough to catch the attention of one particular high elf who was getting a breath of fresh air outside of the local inn.

I imagine witnessing someone burning themselves alive with a spell was a bit perplexing (if not hilarious) and this made Kally come to my aid. She really is a lifesaver. Not only did she help me back to the inn, but she even paid for my meal and a room for the night! Maybe my luck really is turning around! Augh, there I go jinxing myself.

My savior!
My savior!

Kally and I got to talking as I practically threw myself onto the inn's warm, welcoming fire, about how she noticed me casting magic and she was here to join the Mage's College. I've never been one who wanted to become some sort of all powerful wizard; my aspirations lie in far more grounded, mechanical endeavors. However, I do have a bit of inate magical talent (if I do say so myself) and Kally educated me on the different schools of magic. There's one called Alteration that caught my attention in particular. It let's you control machines!

Ahh, I can see it now. Riding atop a giant dwemer mech, stomping swindling khajiits beneath my feet. I WILL have my revenge, cat! Even if I never got your name... or a good look at your face... Whatever! Vengeance shall be mine!

But I digress! The next morning the two of us decided to apply to the college together. A friendly guard or assistant or teacher or whatever greeted us at the entrance, asking the sorta things you'd expect someone in her position to ask -- "Why are you here? What are your goals? Blah blah blah." I don't even remember what I said; I think I was still daydreaming and said something about wanting to stomp cats underneath my boots. In any event, she let us in!

Of course Kally is cringing in fear. Pfft!
Of course Kally is cringing in fear. Pfft!

So now I'm an apprentice mage. Whose apprentice? Damned if I know; I've never cared for titles. One of the teachers there -- an old man who MUST be using magic to help him stay standing up, I mean his skin is just hanging right off his bones. He must be like 200 years old! Err sorry. Anyways, Professor Skinandbones taught us a ward spell, which I was surprisingly good at handling right off the bat. You just imagine a barrier in front of you and poof! One appears! Granted, it won't protect against more powerful spells and it weakens any spells I cast while conjuring it, but it's still a handy little spell to have.

I've also learned a healing spell in the event I need to char my own flesh again in order to stay alive. This way I can heal myself instead of relying on Kally to save me! Yay, I guess? Speaking of which, I almost forgot that Foxskin spell was a complete wash. I read the book and everything but I couldn't even manage to cast it! Sure, at the time I was freezing my ass off and not exactly in the most sane state of mind... Whatever. It better well work next time I need it!

So getting back to what I was originally going to write about, Kally decided we should play some sorta game where we would create characters and she would lead us on an adventure. Said it would be a good way to get to know the other students and it definitely was. I didn't quite get this whole "make a character" thing, so I just wrote up a character sheet for myself and winged it (wung it?) Check it out, I even kept my character sheet!

No Caption Provided

Our adventure involved finding an evil necromancer that was hiding out in the sewers of Solitude. I suggested we go off in search of Khajiit swinders, instead, but Kally refused. Alas! With me were three other players, all students like Kally and I... aaaand I've completely forgotten their names. Great... Well, one's a dark elf and she played a mage (how original). Another was a nord who played a warrior and he did most of the decision making (since all of my ideas were swept aside by our heartless story master!). Lastly there was a khajiit who played a rogue and he did most of the investigating and roguish stuff.

I was -supposed- to play a Cleric or something, but no way! I reworked the character sheet to be more suitable to my particular play style. Sure, this left us with no healing, but we didn't even need it! Well, okay our warrior did die... but that was near the end and we managed fine without him. That necromancer did NOT see a Dwemer construct coming! Critical hit to your face, undead-loving fiend! Haha!

Our fellow students and some old guy.
Our fellow students and some old guy.

All in all it was a really fun experience and we all got to know each other better. Except for their names... I should probably go find those out at some point.

Old Whatshisface said we've got some sorta field trip coming up tomorrow, so I guess I should be getting some sleep. No doubt we'll be going to some sort of bandit hideout and a certain Khajiit will be there for me to burn alive. Ahh, if only I could be so lucky!

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Tinkering with Fate

Playing through Skyrim (yet again) and for the second time making a story as I go about my character. Posting the write-ups here because... it's easy. That's bout it!

17th of Last Seed:

Once upon a time, there lived a beauuutiful princess in a nice, warm castle with lots of furs and blankets and hot food and - look, this story isn't about her, okay?! Here I am, freezing out in the middle of nowhere, all because some stupid khajiit.

Not exactly the most photogenic moment.
Not exactly the most photogenic moment.

Said he knew about some unexplored Dwemer ruins out in the Sea of Ghosts. Yeah, well if they're so unexplored how come you knew about them, cat? Tell me that! You just happened across them on one of your voyages, dipped inside, and said, "Yep, these sure are unexplored. I better go tell someone willing to pay a fortune about them!"

Little good it does me coming to this revelation after I spent my life savings being suckered in by his tall tail.. err.. tale. It's so easy to look back and realize how stupid you were -after- you make the biggest mistake of your life. How come some courageous knight couldn't have stepped in and said, "Woah there, missy. You're about to make a terrible mistake, trusting that no good cat!"

Pfft, as if that would ever happen to me, yknow, the one who couldn't even win a game of Liar's Dice against a blind beggar. 'Tink the Luckless' they'll call me on my gravestone IF I'm lucky. Hah, fat chance! More like 'Tink the Infinitely Stupid', "She wanted to be an engineer but ended up being an icicle."


Yeah, well not everything is completely down the gutter, yet! I mean, I -am- writing this because I managed to find an abandoned (...?) campfire not far from where I washed ashore. I'm pretty sure I spooked a horse as I approached the camp. At least I think it was a horse. You'd think horses weren't accustomed to seeing soaking wet people covered in kelp and snow lumbering towards them, desperate to find a way to warm up or something. Whatever, I have fire now!

Not that it'll do a whole lot for me for much longer. There doesn't seem to be much spare wood around, although there are a few books I'll toss in to keep it burning (after I finish reading them, of course). But if all else fails, I spotted a cave nearby I could head into if worst comes to worst.

The pointy side's for stabbing!
The pointy side's for stabbing!

Mind you, maybe that's where the previous tenders of this fire went...? Are they coming back? Am I going to be jumped in my sleep? Are they looking over my shoulder as I write this.......? Phew, okay they aren't. That's good. But still, I don't think I should be sticking around here for much longer. I'm sure they won't mind me taking the dagger they conveniently left by the fire. I mean, if they wanted it they would have taken it with them!

PS: Oh crap! I almost threw a spell tome into the fire without realizing it! Turns out one of the books lying around was a spell tome of Foxskin. Yknow, it gives you a bit more resistance to the elements; kinda perfect for my current predicament. Maybe my luck is starting to turn around! But then again, when you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up..... right?

My First Spellbook (tm)
My First Spellbook (tm)

PPS: False alarm! Turns out the cave was just a little alcove and went nowhere. Not that I was planning on venturing into an ice cave with no source of light or anything... haha... But now this begs the question of what DID happen to the previous inhabitants? I should probably get going like right now.

PPPS: I got to thinking... it is very likely that I will die out here, so I may as well play it safe in the unfortunate event of my demise. Ahem.

Lorynn "Tink" Fingle's Last Will and Testament

It seems I have been flung with great force off of this mortal coil and am now drinking in from the eternal fount of knowledge up in the sky. Sadly, whomever is reading this is still stuck down in the realm of the living and must deal with the unenviable business of reading my will and handing out my remaining things and such.

Luckily for you, as of this writing, I am completely broke! Do with my remains what you will! Perhaps you're a necromancer in need of a fresh corpse to raise! Perhaps you're a butcher looking to branch out into more "exotic" meats! Or perhaps you're just some unfortunate soul who happened upon my corpse in the hopes of finding a nice bag of coins and a few pieces of jewelery to sell only to be sorely disappointed (don't feel guilty, I totally would have done the same).

Don't worry about contacting my parents. I'm pretty sure they're both dead. Well, I'm sure my dad's dead. My mom was looking preeeetty messed up last I saw her, what with the impact of the explosion sending her flying about 200 meters into the air. I'm fairly certain I could see chunky bits, too, but nevermind that! As for any other family or friends or loved ones or pets, I'm pretty much fresh out of those, too!

Yknow, it wasn't that great of a ride, now that I think about it. But never let it be said that Tink was a pessimist! She fought the good fight right till the very end! Battling trolls and bandits and assassins and liches! Only stealing from the rich and giving to the poor! She single-handedly stopped the civil war, even if the masses never knew her name.

Alright, alright, I made that last paragraph up. So what? Allow me to indulge in a bit of romanticizing; I am dead, now, after all!

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Atelier Rorona Finished! Quick Rant!

For me, Atelier Rorona was the video game equivalent of curling up on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate in front of a cozy fire on a winter's night. It was so comforting; so welcome, that I couldn't help but feel completely relaxed and content. Maybe the package was laced with osmosis-triggered morphine or something, I don't know. Looking at the review scores online I can help but ask myself -- "Am I crazy or is everyone else?" 
While most give it around a 7, I'd be hard-pressed to go below anything less than a high 9. Not that scores matter, and I realize my tastes far differ from the norm, but goddamn, anyone who doesn't enjoy the humor or the gentle ebb and flow of the game must have no soul.  
I totally just realized what this game is... 
Atelier Rorona is Aria in game form. @.@ Hooooooly shit.  

Mind blooooooown 
Wow.... how did I not realize that sooner?! The similarities are uncanny. Well, that totally explains everything, considering Aria is my absolute favorite anime of all time. 
Sure, Aria is not for everyone, but I absolutely adore it. It's the story of a young woman who is learning to be an Undine (otherwise known as a Gondolier) in a shop considering of basically just her, her teacher and a cat. There's no conflict; no antagonist; the main character, Akari, suffers no internal struggle, she's just a really friendly person new to the area out to follow her dream and make friends. 
And that pretty much sums Rorona up perfectly, too! Cept replace Gondolier with Alchemist, the cat with a homunculus, and the President's super hero antics with Rorona's obsession with pie (speaking of which, my hand-in for the final project was totally a pie made out of gold). Rorona has no "final boss", the final assignment is literally ,"Make us whatever you want to make." (hence why I obviously made them a pie out of solid gold).
Wow, no wonder I fell in love with this game so easily... I'm seriously blown away by the fact that it is my video game equivalent of Aria.