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The usual tie-in from Dinsey/Pixar's latest movie. 0

WALL•E is, as you'd expect, the gaming spin-off of the latest Disney/Pixar movie that's currently on the cinema. It follows the story of WALL•E, the last remaining robot on earth - the planet was abandoned 700 years ago by the human race due to the sheer amount of rubbish and pollution that they had created, and so they all headed to an orbiting ship called the Axiom. The manufacturer of the WALL•E robots, BnL, promised that the planet would be cleaned up in 5 years, allowing the ship to return ...

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Delicious visuals, strong storyline, a definite must play. 0

Hard to really comment on the game to a sufficient level without giving too much of the storyline away for those who have yet to experience the majority of the game, but I'll give it a whirl. The majority of the game is set in 1191, during the third crusade in the holy land. You play the character Altaïr, an assassin after an artifact that the Knights Templar are searching for. Your initial assassination attempt goes awry, and you're sent back to your master, stripped of your rank, and are taske...

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