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Vinny and Starforge helped me make a Ludum Dare entry about space and my own insecurities

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I made my very first entry for Ludum Dare last weekend! For those who don't know, Ludum Dare is a 72 hour game jam with a 48 hour competition component. All the games need to be made based on a theme that is voted on in the time leading up to the jam weekend. The theme for Ludum Dare 26 was 'minimalism'.

Out of all the the themes that could have been chosen minimalism was the one I was least hoping would win. I would have even preferred potato. You see, coming up with the core idea of a game is the hardest art for me and minimalism does not really work as a core idea for me. Especially since any game I would have made in the 48 hours would have seemed very minimal.

Since all I'm really familiar with is Adventure Game Studio, I decided that I should try and strip the adventure game down to its base elements. I managed to break it down to item use, dialog, and a clear goal but had no idea what game I would put those ideas in. Then I saw Twitter.

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Something about that pure goal written in all caps spoke to me. With a pace tower as my starting point I began to outline my entry. It would tell the story of Blue, a block that wanted to go to space but lacked the status to take the space elevator. So Blue decided instead to just build a tower to space, all the while accompanied by Red.

I eventually had a simple one-button tower building/climbing simulator but it needed context so moved on to the dialog. That's when things got a little weird. I have been making at least one game a month for the past few months or so but they've always been more about exploring mechanics than having a story. Even my Pulse Pounding Heart Stopping jam entry (the same jam Jurassic Heart was made for) was more about playing around the genre than being a personal entry. And the PPHS jam was a very personal jam.

But this one was different for some reason. Half way through writing up my dialog I began to look it over and started to wonder what was going on. Was I still writing about block being apprehensive about their friend building a space tower or was this about me? Is this whole tower a metaphor for my own creative endeavors? Do the two cubes reflect my inner turmoil?Probably, I don't know. I just like to make games.

Even if I'm not that great it at yet.

The page for my entry: I Want To See Space

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