Color Catcher Balloon -Best Puzzle Game for Kids and All Family

Color Catcher Balloon is a colorful, exciting balloon game that will tick all the boxes of being suitable for you and your children. It has incredible graphics coupled with original music effects. The idea of playing the game is quite simple - one needs to tap the screen for a colored balloon to catch the same colored geometrical shape. The geometrical shapes are multicolored and spin in the random direction requiring from you the right timing and focus on tapping the screen and hit the target. Though the idea is overly simplistic, the difficulty level increases with the higher levels; and the game becomes a thrilling challenge.

This color catcher puzzle game is a fun-loving and entertaining game with many colors and balloons. The colorful balloons are available in various shapes and designs such as heart balloons, star balloons, cat balloons, happy face balloons, and plenty more. Kids who love playing with colors and balloons, the Color Catcher Balloon game would be their best friends. With funny balloons, colors, and music, the game will keep the children engaged while completing interesting levels and have fun. Color Catcher Balloon game is very helpful for kids in learning many things. It helps the children to increase focus, think quickly, and develop their problem-solving skills. The game is also helpful in learning colors, shapes, matching, and more. So, choosing Color Catcher Balloon game would be the best option for your child's activity. Whether you need your kid to indulge in brain training or sit quietly for a while, Color Catcher Balloon is the way to go.

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Alongside children, the Color Catcher Balloon game is equally and genuinely useful for adults, especially the ones who are adventurous buddies. The game can be played in different modes, endless mode, and level mode. The endless mode will allow you to keep on completing the newer challenges without the worry of selecting the next level. The game is designed to practice your strategic thinking, hand-eye coordination, precision, and accuracy. With the higher levels, the color bands spin quickly, and in different patterns, thus it requires share-concentration and right-timing to complete the level. The game is good to kill your stress, loneliness, leisure time. Visit

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