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I need more disembodied heads during my mondays.

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Thanks Bioware for taking the time and money to develop a feature most fans of your game don't want and won't play.

Here's a free tip for developers: tacking on a multiplayer component to your primarily singleplayer game is not a good way to "combat" used game sales.

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I can't seem to get into any Bullet Hell shooters aside from Touhou (and even there not every game pleased me).

I think I'm just so used to certain mechanics in Touhou. I need focus, I need to see my Hitbox, I need the speed to be just right, I need a slightly more gratefull death bomb window then average, I need a humm sound when I'm hitting the boss and a marker on the other side of the screen for boss placement.

Oh, and I'm also addicted to homing amulets... I mean bullets.

I played the demos of the Gundemonium games and did not like them very much :/

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Tough question to answer, because I'm not counting :P

Portal 2, Deus Ex:HR and Starcraft 2 are the big games that come to mind. Then there are the smaller ones, like VVVVVV, Breath of Death VII and Terraria.

I'm finishing up Runespell: Overture and Darksiders now to make room for ICO and Shadow of the Colossus :P

(I'm shooting for Baldurs Gate 2)

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The EU versions of both ICO and SotC were patched and sometimes had additional content.

ICO had a few puzzle changes, an option to replay the game with Yorda's and the Queens subtitles in english and a 2nd ending (watermellon ending).

The only thing I'm aware of being changed in SotC was a fix to the no-stamina-diagonal-jump glitch. Basically while climbing you could do a jump diagonally up-right or up-left and it would not cost you any stamina. This made climbing the tower relatively easy. In the EU version, that move takes up a lot of stamina, probably more then just climbing up normally. You need maxed stamina to even try to climb up the tower.

(I'm talking about the PS2 versions of these games obviously. The PS3 remake uses the latest version of the game)

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They're going to go up... on the 8th or 10th of October.

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....I hope he won't talk about his sex life -_-

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Hey, so, I decided to download Narcissu and check it out. I mean, it's free and it's short. I have some time to spend, like VN's, nothing to lose, right?

Big mistake. Damn, you're cold as ice if you're just "it's pretty good". I'm a sucker for sad stories, but usually I hate "blank" protagonists that we're supposed to "project yourself". Thing is, I didn't get that vibe from this game at all. I mean OK, the main character isn't named (in-game) and has no eyes on pictures, that's a clear sign of a blank protagonist, but aside from that he has a personality. He talks for himself, there are no decisions to take. I don't care what the intension was, I felt like the game was just narrated by the protagonist and I was seeing things from his point of view, not that I actually was him.

Now that I have that out of the way I must say that I loved the story. The actions and interactions are believable and moving. I was really moved at the end of the story, tears were shed. Like I said, sucker for downer stories, but still... did not expect it to move me that much. Now I can't sleep and I'm writing this at 6 in the morning. I don't know whether to love you or hate you for this.

In any case, downloading the 2nd game in the series (since I don't believe there's a translation of the 3rd one). Not going to play it anytime soon. Silently hope it's a little bit... brighter in tone... just a little bit so I can cope with it better. I'd rather play the sequel and find out what happened after that, since the ending is a little too abrupt, but I guess a prequel will have to suffice...

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@Psycosis: Heh, then we have an identical opinion about Ever17.

Fate is long, yes. 3 separate, long routes, but it's worth it IMO. If you do find time don't hesitate.

I wouldn't say Utawarerumono is that long, since it's just one route. The length is a bit artificial due to the SRPG elements, but if you play it on the easiest setting you should breeze through those parts and have a decent length VN.

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From your description if sounds like the Visual Novel took more then a few pointers from Chobits too.

This was probably suggested somewhere in here (I don't read comments :/ ) but do you have any plans to write about Fate/stay night, Swan Song, Ever 17 or Utawarerumono? All of these are pretty popular I think, so you probably played them. I'm just wondering what's your opinion on them so I can compare it to mine :P