Here's To Never Forgetting

Much like everyone else today, I feel compelled to say something about a man I only ever knew from tweets, game reviews, articles, internet videos, and podcasts. A man that's been so embedded in my weekly routines for so many years years that it's hard not to feel some kind of genuine connection as well as a profound sadness now that he won't be a part of those routines any longer.

I'm at a loss because not only is there this gaping hole of sadness for the loss of "the best friend I never met," but that no matter how hard I try, I'll never be able to properly thank Mr. Ryan Davis nor any of his colleagues for seeing me through some of the roughest parts of my life over the last couple of years. I'll never be able to properly repay them, no will I be able to comfort them in the way they have me. I can only offer my feeble words of support, condolences, and encouragement toward the future.

That said, Ryan left us with a lot of great memories, hilarious stories, fun anecdotes, quotes, and whatever else through his years of hard work, enthusiasm, and dedication to our favorite hobby and this site.

So, much like I fill my heart and mind with fond memories of my parents, I'll choose to do so with Ryan Davis as well and make the memories of when he didn't die outweigh the sadness I feel today. I'll do my best to do so, anyway.

Love to the entire community, staff, and especially Ryan's family. He was and still is deeply loved by many people for how deeply he touched everybody.

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