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So the computer parts I ordered arrived here about a week ago and the finished product stands gloriously before my eyes as I type up this post. I had been wanting a new computer for a while, but there was always a hitch.


You see, I hadn't had a job for a while for reasons I would like to believe have something to do with University, but really it was my sub-par work ethic. So I got a pretty sweet offer from my mother to help out at her workplace as her assistant for about a month (which turned out to be a couple of months). Well, let's just say the pay wasn't too shabby. So I jumped all over that and decided, hey, I have adequate funds now, so lets see what I can do with them.

I usually use TigerDirect as my go-to site for everything computer related, but I actually ended up using NewEgg as I'd heard from a friend that they now had a Canadian site (which I suppose they have probably had for a while, as I hadn't been to the site in forever). So over the course of about a week I built and rebuilt many iterations of the final product. I ordered everything and checked the tracking on the items and realized, to my dismay, that the case was shipping from their California warehouse :/

So I ended up getting the meat and potatoes a few days earlier than the case, but I manned it out. So when the case finally arrived I was rewarded for my patience with a dead power supply :) I decided to RMA it for a refund so I could acquire a power supply from a local chain, as waiting up to a few weeks before I could actually get to and past POST would be too much for my impatient self.

At the time of this writing I am on hold with UPS because the RMA'd supply is stuck at the border due to lack of information or some bullshit.

Anyways, I'll post the specs for those interested:

  • Phenom II 940 (oc'd to 3.6 then back down to 3.2 due to, probably needless, heating worries)
  • Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 1GB
  • 4GB G-Skill DDR2 1066
  • Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-UD4H mobo
  • XClio A380BK full tower (2x 25cm fans 0_o)
    Two! Fuck!
    Two! Fuck!
  • OCZ GameXStream 700W
  • WD 640GB HDD
  • aaaaand the optical drive from my old comp

Of course I had to try my hand at Crysis benchmarking with Warhead and I can average 25 fps on enthusiast, no AA. I then proceeded to reinstall Oblivion for what seem to be about the 50th time in my life, and then got me hella mods (QTP3, FCOM, Deadly Reflex, all the staples really). So, super high-res textures ftw I suppose. All of that stays at a solid 45-50 fps. 1680x1050 for all benchmarks, btw.

So that's that for my computer related business ('Please stay on the line. The next available agent will be right with you.'). Onto movies.

Haven't been watching too many movies recently, but I have put in some quality flicks. First off, Gran Torino. That's a damn solid movie. I've never seen a movie from what I suppose could be referred to as the Golden Clint years (probably not), but damn, is he one badass dude. Also, very funny movie. Clint's blatant bigotry works very well to juxtapose the drama. Next up, JCVD.

Not much to say about this one, other than you should see it. Great monologue in there and a much-anticipated roundhouse kick. Now the latest flick.

Tokyo Gore Police.
Chainsaw battles ffs!
Chainsaw battles ffs!

Fuck. That is all.

No, not really. So, I really liked this movie. For a few reasons, one of them being its Japanese-ness. Damnit is that film Japanese. Now couple that with completely unadulterated, over-the-top gore and you've got yourself a damn fine movie. I suppose the title lends itself well to said gore, what with faces being cut in half, a girl's lower-half being replaced by an alligator mouth, a dudes penis being bitten off and subsequently replaced with a giant penis-cannon thing, and many, many, many more lovely scenes of extravagent carnage. Oh, and lots of wierd cutting scenes. Film's pretty fucked up, but I highly reccomend this to anyone who doesn't have a weak stomach. Actually, no. I also recommend it to those with weak stomachs, if only to set you up for a couple of hours of fun.

So that about wraps up this update and my first "official" blog I suppose. If you've stuck around through the whole thing I congratulate you and I hope you enjoyed.

PowerSerj out!

^ lame