Destroyer Pedal in the House

Well, I'm still waiting for EA to sort out my broken drum pedal from a couple of weeks ago. I've requested an RMA etc. but not heard a peep from the EA dudes at all and it's been bumming me out.

After a slighty intoxicated perusal of eBay I came across a dude selling a Destroyer pedal. These have been pretty few and far between in the UK so far, so I jumped at the chance. It turned up yesterday and I've been super impressed by it so far. It feels completely different and really solid.

I just need to get my drum chops together to justify it. I have RTTH left to beat to finish Hard difficulty and then I'm getting stuck into Expert.  I need to work on my rolls and off-beat bass drum action.

Here's a pic of my new arrival:

This is what awesome looks like
This is what awesome looks like