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A great momentum based time trial game that's just a lot of fun. 0

In a world of fast paced time attack levels, it’s hard to create a balance between appealing to a large audience while simultaneously satisfying the crazy time trial obsessed people who like nothing more than shaving off precious milliseconds from their time. This niche has mainly consisted of platforming games, seemingly the only style of game that lends itself to the time trial system effectively. Enter Nimbus, deemed as a puzzle racing game by developer Noumenon Games, is a marriage of quick ...

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Also known as "Oh god my eyes: the game" 0

The problem I have, like so many people nowadays, is that I have way too much music files on my computer, yet I find just plain old listening to music so boring. So thank goodness that games like Audiosurf and Beat Hazard have come around to put all those files too good use. However, even though there are times Beat Hazard excels where Audiosurf doesn't, there are times it feels like a glorified Media Player visualizer.  The main thing about Beat Hazard is that it's a dual joystick shooter with ...

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