So... Hi there!

Thought I might as well write a little introductory blog post about myself, since I seem to be becoming a much more active member on Giant Bomb than I ever used to be. Yes, it's true, I was just in it for the videos up until this new Quest system hit (I barely ever posted anything on the forums or even in comments, let alone made any wiki submissions) but I'd like to think I can be something of an example of how the quests have the potential to really promote positive, constructive involvement in the site rather than just quest spam, which a lot of long-time users seem to be understandably rather concerned about. 
So anyway, here I am out in the open after a year or two of lurking. I'm really getting into the wiki editing stuff on the site, which I was only ever peripherally aware of before. Just in the last few days I've made quite a few submissions, including creating an entirely new page (Kung Fu Master for the Game Boy, of which I was distressed to find absolutely no mention previously) and completely overhauling the Transformers franchise page. Hopefully I'm just getting started - it seems like every few minutes I'm noticing a big hole in GB's database and planning ways to fill things in when I have time. 
Well, there I am. I'm a dude from London, I like Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, I'm a Libra, and my favourite colour (yeah that's right, those words both have a "u" in 'em) is Burgundy Massacre. Oh, and my username is from a character out of The Neverhood. Word!